YOU are the real heroes this morning. 

YOU helped elect progressives across our state and across the country. Congratulations to YOU on the victories for Sean Casten, Lauren Underwood, JB Prtitzker and his state ticket.  Indivisible Chicago is less than two years old, part of a grassroots movement that is proving that the people do have the power. You've been working for more than a year, and--in this Last Weekend alone--Indivisible Chicago members knocked on over 20,000 doors. Together, you wrote over 65,000 postcards to voters, leading to massive voter turnout and flipping the House. Thank you for your tireless work knocking on doors, phone banking, texting and donating.

Today, let's celebrate our hard work.  

Celebrate a Congress that looks more like the people it represents, celebrate a state government that will put the people first, and celebrate a renewed national push for affordable healthcare, immigration reform and DACA, LGBTQ rights, sensible gun control, fair wages and worker protections, voter's rights and fair maps.  And, let's make this celebration a renewed commitment to work on these critical issues as we march toward 2020!