TOOLKIT: End Crosscheck 

UPDATED: 8/30/2017 8:00PM CT

Indivisible Leaders,

We will continue to build out resources to help us end Illinois' participation in Crosscheck, a move that we hope will start to unwind this system nationally, and to apply pressure to the Illinois State Board of Elections to refuse to legitimize the so-called Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. We know that the true purpose of the Commission is to collect large quantities of data that they will manipulate to create misleading statistics to support the President's debunked claim that millions of illegal votes were cast in the last election.

These actions are time sensitive in preparation for the Board meeting on September 18th!

Actions Your Members Can Take (updated 8/30/17)
Actions You Can Take With Your MoC and State Legislators
Frequently Asked Questions

Actions Your Members Can Take

Current Action for 8/17/17:

Call your State Senator/Representative and ask them to sign on to Rep. Guzzardi's #EndCrosscheck Letter. We've setup a separate page with the list of target State Representatives who have yet to issue a statement to leave Crosscheck and asking the Board to not comply with the Kobach Commission's request for data. The page also includes a suggested call script.

Call Instructions and Script

SCRIPT: Hello, my name is [Name]. My zip code is [Zip Code] and I’m a member of Indivisible [Chicago or other group].  I’m calling because I am concerned about Illinois' participation in the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck system.  I understand that the decision is made by the IL State Board of Elections; however, Illinois Representative Will Guzzardi is preparing a letter to the Board urging them to withdraw Illinois from the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program.  Crosscheck results are inaccurate and they discriminate against young and non-white voters.  The system also has serious cyber security issues that put every Illinois voter at risk of identity theft.  Will Representative/Senator [YOUR REP/SEN] sign on to Representative Guzzardi’s letter against this voter suppression tactic before the next Board of Elections meeting on September 18? Thank you for your time.

Actions You Can Take With Your MoC and State Legislators

This is a script that you can use to email your State Senator, State Representative, and U.S. Representative to gain their support on this issue. We recommend following this up with a phone call to discuss. The intent is that a group leader or person with a relationship with your elected official use this - it's not intended to be a mass action. Our primary ask right now is that they issue and publicly publish a letter to the Illinois State Board of Elections demanding our withdrawal from Crosscheck and that the Board refuse to comply with the Commission's request for any data. It's important that we obtain as many of these letters of support as possible prior to the Board's August 22nd meeting in Chicago.


My name is [YOUR NAME]. I'm [A GROUP LEADER WITH INDIVISIBLE XYZ]. We are currently focused on combating national voter suppression efforts and have discovered that Illinois is currently collaborating in a program designed to suppress the vote. We started this initiative following the letter from Kris Kobach and the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity requesting voter registration information from all 50 states. Since then we have done significant research into the Interstate Crosscheck program which was also developed by Mr. Kobach and now includes 28 states including Illinois. Our concerns with this program include:

  • The data from Crosscheck is inaccurate 99% of the time (see academic report linked below).
  • The quality of Crosscheck data is intentionally poor so that Mr. Kobach can create misleading statistics to support his false claims of widespread voter fraud.
  • The system disproportionately targets people of color, thus increases their risk of being purged from voter rolls.
  • The Crosscheck program has serious privacy and cyber security flaws. The security on this system is so lax, the Crosscheck instructions actually tell state officials to email passwords to their encrypted voter files, which is an egregious vulnerability in the system. 

We are demanding that the Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) discontinue its participation in Interstate Crosscheck and that it not send any data in response to the Presidential Commission’s request for Illinois’ vote rolls. I have included links to multiple resources to help answer your questions and link to letters that have been sent by other legislators on this issue:

We request that you join us in supporting this effort by signing on to Representative Guzzardi's letter letter calling for immediate withdrawal from Crosscheck.

The SBE’s next Board meeting is October 17. We would like as many Representatives/Senators supporting this call as possible prior to this meeting. After you review the materials, please let me know if you have any questions and if we can count on you to issue your own letter in support this important effort.