Cast an Informed Vote

Voting can be intimidating and confusing (sometimes by design). Here are some resources to make sure we’re ready to cast our ballots. Confirm your voter registration status, find your polling place, create a sample ballot, then cast your ballot!

Commit To Vote

  1. Make a public commitment to vote. Why are you going to vote in November? Take a few minutes to write it down and then tell people about it by posting on Facebook or Twitter AND talking to at least 3 people in person. This helps with your own accountability (sometimes we all need that extra push) and also builds momentum with others, as it reminds them why they should vote too! Get 5 friends, coworkers, or family members to commit to vote. Peer-to-peer recommendations are the most compelling way to get people involved.

  2. Make a voting plan. Confirm your voter registration status and polling place. Choose the date, time, and place that you’re going to vote. Write it down, put it in your calendar, post it on Facebook and Twitter. Then get some friends, coworkers, or family members to come vote with you.

  3. Fill out a Sample Ballot using BOTH BallotReady AND There is A LOT on those ballots. Enter the polling booth with the information you need to make the process as complete and quick as possible.

  4. VOTE. And talk about it! Show off your ‘I Voted’ sticker. Post your voting selfie on Facebook and Twitter.

  5. Then, help us Get Out The Vote (GOTV)

Key Voting Dates for the November 6 Midterm Election

  • 9/27 - 11/5 Early Voting & Registration (Register and vote during the same visit.)

    • 9/27 - 10/21: Early Voting only at the Loop Super Site for Early Voting & Registration at 175 W Washington St.

    • 10/22 - 11/5: Early Voting at any of 51 Chicago sites for early voting sites

  • Tuesday 11/6 6 a.m. to 7 p.m - Election Day. Cast a ballot only at your polling place.


Find Your Polling Place

The Chicago Board of Election Commissioners provides a simple lookup to confirm your registration status, your polling place, sample ballot, and more.

Early Voting

Chicago voters are able to use any Early Voting & Registration location in the city:

At the Loop Super Site: 175 W Washington, Now through Oct 21

At the 50 Ward Sites from Oct. 22 through Nov. 5.


Sample Ballot

BallotReady aggregates content from candidates’ websites, social media, press, endorsers and board of elections for comprehensive, nonpartisan information about the candidates and referendums on your ballot.


Judicial Voting Guide is a good resource, but doesn’t have the details of judicial elections. Use this resource to complete your ballot.

The Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice provides this nonpartisan tool for judicial voter education. The mobile-friendly website reports the results of 12 bar groups that recommend whether judges are qualified, and the judicial endorsements of the Chicago Tribune. This year several judges on the ballot have received at least one “unqualified” rating.

Take with you into the ballot booth.


There’s a LOT to do, but not everyone has the time. If you can’t participate in these activities but want to make a difference, please Donate so we continue to do the work!

3 Steps to the Blue Wave… 1: Register, 2: Identify, and 3: Get Out The Vote