2018 Midterm Team member

Do you want to help contribute to the coming Blue Wave? Indivisible is looking to rally volunteers to help win elections in 2018. This is possibly the most important election any of us will face in our lifetimes and is a chance to finally put a check on Trump's authority.

We are looking for volunteers at all levels of organizing for our 2018 midterm election teams. Teams will form to target:

  • Federal election
  • State elections
  • Voting rights
  • Voter registration

Responsibilities may include any of the following (depending on your interest):

  • Helping form and organize teams of volunteers for candidates
  • Leading events (phone banks, postcard parties, etc)
  • Coordinating with candidates 
  • Coordinating with election partners (such as swing left or Chicago Votes)
  • Phone banking
  • Canvassing

Contact info@indivisibilechicago.com to join or for more information

Jason Rieger