Thursday, June 20 - National Call-In Day for Lower Prescription Prices / Oppose Climate Denier Kelly Knight

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: National Call-In Day to Reduce Drug Prices

Prescription drug prices are substantially higher in the United States than in other high-income countries, and as a result, Americans spend more on prescription drugs than residents of other countries. Despite this, the government is not allowed to use its position as the largest purchaser of prescription drugs in the country to bargain for lower prices for patients.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) has introduced the Medicare Negotiation and Competitive Licensing Act (H.R. 1046) to give Medicare the power it needs to effectively negotiate with drug companies and bring drug prices down. Read more here.

Call your MoC and tell them: reject bills that would use arbitration to bring down drug prices, and co-sponsor H.R. 1046, the Medicare Negotiation and Competitive Licensing Act!

Script: Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [zip code] and a member of Indivisible. I’m calling to urge [NAME] to co-sponsor H.R. 1046, Rep. Doggett’s Medicare Negotiation and Competitive Licensing Act because it will bring down our obscenely high drug prices while protecting patients’ access to critical medicines.

We need to give Medicare the ability to negotiate drug prices, but that new power must be paired with the appropriate leverage so that drug companies can’t continue gouging patients. Rep. Doggett’s bill, which uses competitive licenses as a “backstop” if drug companies refuse to come to the table, is the strongest proposal out there. I’ve heard that there may be another bill coming that would use arbitration instead, and that isn’t good enough. We need to put drug companies’ monopolies in the crosshairs -- not people’s access to medicine

Will [NAME] commit to rejecting an approach that uses arbitration to bring down drug prices, and to co-sponsoring H.R. 1046, the Medicare Negotiation and Competitive Licensing Act?

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Action 2: Tell Senators to Oppose Kelly Knight for UN Ambassador

Climate denier and current ambassador to Canada Kelly Knight Craft has been named by Trump to succeed Nikki Haley as UN ambassador. Craft’s qualifications for the UN role are thin, with only nominal roles as a member of the UN delegation during the George W. Bush administration and limited participation in renegotiating the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (formerly NAFTA) as the Canadian ambassador.

What she does bring is a long track record as a generous Republican donor and supporter of GOP politics in Kentucky, with her chief ally in the Senate being Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The spouse of Kentucky coal billionaire Joseph W. Craft, III, Kelly Knight Craft caused uproar in 2017 by telling journalists “I believe there are scientists on both sides that are accurate. I think that both sides have their own results, from their studies, and I appreciate and I respect both sides of the science” thus validating a false dichotomy and denying the reality of global climate change.

With Craft’s nomination, the Trump administration is demonstrating its lack of commitment to the UN and treating it as a reward for a generous donor. Demand that your Senator oppose Kelly Knight Craft for UN Ambassador.

  • Senator Duckworth | DC: 202-224-2854 | Chicago 312-886-3506

  • Senator Durbin | DC: 202-224-2152 | Chicago 312-353-4952

Script: Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [zip code] and a member of Indivisible. I'm calling to demand Senator [NAME] oppose Kelly Knight Craft’s nomination to UN ambassador. With little foreign policy experience and willfully blind views on global issues like climate change, it is clear that she does not have the relevant qualifications for this serious and challenging role representing the United States.

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