Tuesday, May 14 - Fair Tax / Medicaid Omnibus / Reproductive Rights / Voting Access

Actions You Can Take Today

Action 1: Tell your State Legislator to vote for Tax Fairness

Illinois has a tax problem: A $3.2 billion budget deficit and a flat tax that puts the burden on low and middle-income people. Everyday people are paying their fair share, but the super-rich and big corporations AREN'T!

A graduated income tax would give working families a fair shake

Governor Pritzker and Illinois legislators need to ACT NOW. Call your State Senator and State Representative today and tell them you support a progressive income tax that makes the wealthy pay their fair share. Our State Legislature needs to hear that we support SJRCA1, a Constitutional Amendment that would end the requirement that income in Illinois must be taxed at a flat rate.

  • A Fair Tax makes the wealthy pay their share, while ensuring 97% of Illinoisans see no tax increase

  • Illinois could help fix our $3.2 billion budget crisis

  • A Fair Tax would help Illinois meet its school funding obligations

Find your State Senator & Representatives contact info

Script: Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [zip code] and a member of Indivisible.

I'm calling to urge {PERSON} to support the Fair Tax - SJRCA1. A progressive tax in Illinois would help pay for schools, close the budget gap, all without a tax increase for 97% of Illinoisans.

Please do what's best for all Illinoisans and support SJRCA1 and a Fair Tax.

Action 2: TODAY: Medicaid Omnibus Bill Day of Action!

Medicaid is critical to over three million Illinoisans who depend on it for their health care.

Procedural issues like lost mail and system glitches are causing harmful gaps in coverage that prevent eligible people on Medicaid from getting the care they need to be healthy.

This program is a staple of our healthcare system and it should be easy and efficient for eligible people to get covered and stay covered. But Illinois' Medicaid Eligibility and Renewal System is in crisis, stopping Illinoisans from getting the healthcare they need and deserve.

Protect Our Care Illinois’ recommendations take best practices from other states who do not experience these problems and puts forward a comprehensive approach to reforming Illinois’ Medicaid application and renewal processing system. Help make sure Illinoisans can get and keep the health care they depend on by including those recommendations into the Medicaid Omnibus bill.

Action via Protect Our Care Illinois

Action 3: WEDNESDAY - Day of Action for Reproductive Rights

Reproductive rights are at risk in Illinois. With the possibility that the Supreme Court will hear a case challenging Roe v. Wade within the year, we need to eliminate barriers to reproductive health care and make sure that our reproductive rights are recognized by Illinois law.

Come to Springfield and lobby your legislators on two key legislative measures:

  • The Reproductive Health Act (House Bill 2495) which establishes the right to reproductive health care, repeals dangerous restrictions on abortions, and requires insurance plans to cover abortion. By enacting the RHA, Illinois will become a haven for reproductive health care on a post-Roe United States.

  • Repeal of the Teen Endangerment Act (Parental Notice of Abortion - SB 1594) which requires a healthcare provider to notify an adult family member prior to performing an abortion on a minor. This law puts young women at risk and creates a medically unnecessary barrier to care.

Join the Reproductive Health Access Coalition for a fun filled day in Springfield talking to legislators about the Reproductive Health Act and the repeal of the Teen Endangerment Act (Parental Notice of Abortion Act).

  • When: Wednesday 5/15 at 10 AM – 3 PM

  • Where: Illinois State Capitol (301 S 2nd St, Springfield, Illinois 62701)

  • RSVP and share on Facebook

Action via Planned Parenthood of Illinois

Action 4: Expand voting access in Illinois

Chicago Votes has been pushing legislation for two years to ensure that people in pre-trial detention throughout Illinois have access to voting, and that people in Cook County Jail have access to same day registration and are NEVER denied their right to vote!

Senate Bill 2090, is in danger of dying in the IL House of Representative and we need you this Wednesday, 5/15 to ask Governor Pritzker, Speaker Madigan, and Representative Chris Welch, to vote the bill through!

  • When: This Wednesday, 5/15 5pm-8pm

  • Where: Exchequer Pub, back room: 226 S Wabash Ave

  • What: Phone/Tweet Bank to put pressure on elected officials to care about the right to vote for people in pre-trial detention

  • What to bring: Your phone, phone charger, smiles, and a friend!! Food and a drink provided!

Even if you are unable to make it for any part of the day on Wednesday, you can still help by calling/tweeting and asking them to ensure SB 2090 is passed out of the house and signed by the governor

  • Call Governor Pritzker | Springfield: 217-782-6830 | Chicago: 312-814-2121

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