Friday, May 10 - Oppose HB1633 / Reproductive Health Act Forum on May 11 / Pilsner, Pay & Politics on May 13

Actions You Can Take Today

Action 1: Oppose ALEC’s HB1633, which outlaws protests

The Koch brothers’ ALEC is trying to make protests illegal

HB 1633 is being pushed by conservatives and Oil & Gas industry lobbyists across the country with the express purpose of weakening our First Amendment rights. It specifically targets environmental activists (the Kochs make their fortune off of oil & gas) by invoking “terrorism” against “critical infrastructure”.

Today just nuclear power plants have extra restrictions. Their bill would apply the same constraints to select telephone poles, cell towers, TV stations, railroad tracks, and ports to steel plants, coal mines, and pipelines.

Trespassing is already a crime. Destruction of property is already a crime. Terrorism is already a crime. This bill would only be a further assault on civil liberties and silence people’s voices just when they need to be heard.

Their bill already passed the Illinois House (see how your State Representative voted here). Sign the witness slip to keep it from reaching the governor’s desk.

  1. Read our blog post for more information.

  2. File a witness slip as an OPPONENT of HB 1633 before 5pm on Tuesday, May 14.

    Witness Slip Instructions:

    • Click here to view the witness slip

    • I. IDENTIFICATION: with your information. In the Firm/Business or Agency Box and in the Title Box, identify as "Self."

    • II. REPRESENTATION: as "Self" (unless you actually are representing an organization)

    • III. POSITION: select "OPPONENT"

    • IV. TESTIMONY: select "Record of Appearance Only

  3. If your state senator is on the Criminal Law Committee call them before Tuesday, May 14 to express your opposition and concerns about HB1633, and ask them to commit to voting AGAINST this bill. If you do not know who your senator is or their contact info, look it up here.

Action 2: Attend the Reproductive Health Act Forum on May 11

Despite electing the biggest pro-choice majority in Illinois in 2018, some Illinois representatives are refusing to protect the women of Illinois by passing the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) (HB 2495).

Because the Supreme Court is stacked with anti-choice Trump appointees, the RHA was drafted to protect reproductive rights in Illinois if Roe v Wade is struck down. It will repeal outdated and unconstitutional prohibitions on reproductive healthcare and enact a new Illinois Reproductive Health Act that regulates abortion like any other form of health care.

The RHA is all that stands between the women of Illinois and anti-choice extremists wanting to ban safe, legal abortion.

  • When: Saturday at 10 AM – 12 PM

  • Where: Ravenswood Event Center (4021 North Ravenswood Avenue, Chicago)

  • RSVP and Share on Facebook

Action 3: Attend On The Table event, Pilsner, Pay & Politics on May 13

Another opportunity for 2019’s On The Table: Memo to the Mayor

Huddle in the Loop is excited to bring you “Pilsner, Pay & Politics,” an informal panel about pay equity for women and how to enact change at the city, state and federal level, as part of Chicago Community Trust's “On the Table” program. Sponsored by She Votes Illinois, Featuring Campaign Closet.


  • Marie Newman, Candidate for US House

  • Anna Valencia, City Clerk of Chicago


  • Dilara Sayeed, First Muslim woman candidate for the Illinois legislature


  • Alice Johnson, Attorney & Executive Director of Illinois Nurses’ Association

  • Melissa Josephs, Director of Equal Opportunity Policy, Women Employed

  • Maaria Mozaffar, Attorney & Author

This event is geared to engage and educate people about the gender wage gap. We encourage Illinois residents who are 18 and over who are interested in advocating for women’s equity to attend.

  • When: Monday, May 13 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

  • Where: Victory Tap, in the South Loop (1416 South Michigan Avenue)

  • Cost: $10, includes pizza and salad buffet from Victory Tap. Cash bar available.

  • RSVP and more details here (required)

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