Tuesday, April 2 - VOTE TODAY! / Witness Slip Roundup / Rally to #MakeItPublic

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: VOTE TODAY! (And Tell a Friend!)

Have you voted yet in Chicago’s historic mayoral runoff election? If you haven’t voted early, today is election day--your last chance to cast a vote.

Get all of the information you need to vote in Chi.Vote’s comprehensive guide.

Make sure you go out and vote and share this resource with a friend!


Action 2: Sign These Urgent Illinois Witness Slips Before Wednesday

Illinois’ unique system of witness slips makes it easy for citizens to weigh in on important bills quickly using an online form. Before a bill is heard in the Illinois General Assembly, the chairperson will read who has submitted witness slips and whether they support or oppose the bill. This helps inform legislators as to where Illinoisans and organizations stand before voting. Witness slips are a great and relatively quick way to make your voice heard in state government.

Here are a few of the important bills collecting witness slips this week, all due Wednesday. Take a few minutes today to lend your support!

Witness Slip Instructions:

  • I. IDENTIFICATION: with your information. In the Firm/Business or Agency Box and in the Title Box, identify as "Self."

  • II. REPRESENTATION: as "Self" (unless you actually are representing an organization)


  • IV. TESTIMONY: select "Record of Appearance Only

Never miss another slip! Join The Witness Slip Project and make sure you turn your notification settings to All Posts.


Action 3: Rally to Make Mueller Report Public on Thursday

You may have heard about our rally to make the Mueller Report public. You may have also heard that William Barr claims that he will release a “version” of the report within the next few weeks. The news is changing fast, but we still have NOT seen the report, and there is no guarantee Congress will either.

So the event is very much on. Here’s why:

  • Barr's "announcement" doesn't amount to much. We demand the full report; he may redact it heavily. We demand immediacy; he keeps pushing the deadline. It's our role to respond to his stalling tactics with clear, moral pressure.

  • Politicians are watching—and some are leading. House chairs such as Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff are pushing forward with their demands for the full report so they know what work Congress should take up—and our actions on Thursday will help get their back and show the country that the people echo their demands.

  • Nearly 80% of the American public wants the full report released. And that is reflected in the energy of Nobody Is Above the Law hosts. More than 230 events are already being planned—a sign of grassroots energy and a desire to hold Barr accountable

Make sure you come out to demand the Mueller report on Thursday! And bring a friend!

When: Thursday, April 4 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Where: Federal Center and Plaza (219 S Dearborn St.)
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