Monday, April 1 - Stop Text Message Censorship / Planned Parenthood Town Hall / Indivisible Chicago Podcast

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: DEADLINE TUESDAY - Tell FCC to Stop Text Message Censorship

In December, Ajit Pai’s FCC classified text messaging as a Title I service under the Communications Act, effectively giving cell phone companies new powers to block, censor, or discriminate against certain text messages in exchange for new fees.

Just think of how this could be used to silence or shake down activists, businesses, or anybody who relies on text messages to communicate.

In 2007 action alert texts from NARAL were blocked because their messages were deemed “controversial.” In January 2019, Verizon threatened to charge massive new fees for a popular free texting service used by teachers and other community groups that actually threatened to shut the app down on Verizon’s network.

Cell phone users should not have their messages blocked because a telecom company disagrees with their point of view or wants to shake them down for more money. We cannot afford to let Big Telecom pick and choose which messages make it across their network.

The public has until Tuesday, April 2 to file a comment with the FCC asking the agency to reverse their terrible decision (docket WT 08-7). If we get enough people to speak out, we can either convince the agency to reverse its course or use our numbers to show Congress–who is ultimately responsible for the FCC–that their constituents need them to step in and set this right.

Leave a comment today to protect text message communication!

Action via Fight for the Future


Action 2: TONIGHT - Emergency Planned Parenthood Tele-Townhall

Don't be fooled--reproductive rights are under attack in Illinois! Two bills, the Reproductive Health Act and the Repeal of Parental Notice of Abortion Act, are being held hostage despite a pro-choice majority in both the Illinois House and Senate.

Join Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health advocates for a tele town hall on tonight, April 1, at 7 p.m. You'll hear from senior public policy staff, Senator Sims, Representative Sara Feigenholtz and activists from Illinois Caucus of Adolescent Health and EverThrive about this important legislation and what you can do to help solidify Illinois' role as a leader in reproductive rights and access!

Action via Planned Parenthood of Illinois


Action 3: Indivisible Chicago Podcast with Senator Duckworth

Every Sunday, Indivisible Chicago members Tom Moss releases a new episode of the Indivisible Chicago Podcast (ICP). It’s a great way to keep up with the latest news about the Indivisible movement on a local level and to stay plugged in to upcoming efforts around the city.

Opening: Mueller will not save us, so we must save ourselves. Tom talks with Anu Sarda from Swing Left about what’s next.

Segment 1: In March of 2003, the US invaded Iraq with a display of overwhelming shock and awe. Sixteen years later, the war grinds on both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Senator Tammy Duckworth joins the podcast to talk about equipping the US military for the 21st century battles it must fight.

Segment 2: Robert Emmons, Jr. is an anti-gun violence activist and a candidate for Congress. We speak with him about what we have learned in the year since March for our Lives.

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