Monday, March 18 - Lift Rent Control Ban / Postcard Party for Erika Bachner / Indivisible Chicago Podcast

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: Lift Illinois’ Rent Control Ban

The State of Illinois is experiencing a housing crisis. In Illinois, there are only 34 rental homes both affordable and available for every 100 renter households considered extremely low-income. 72% of these households are severely cost-burdened, spending more than half of their income on housing. This is hurting our economy, diversity, and overall population.

Illinois has had a net loss of nearly 34,000 people in just 2017 alone and continued to lose population into 2018. This population decline has had disproportionate impacts on families of color. We need an Illinois that serves all and creates sustainability for families and individuals to be able to stay for generations.

Rent control is one key way to create stability. There are several bills in the legislature right now that can help solve this problem by lifting the rent control ban and supporting affordable housing.You can support them by filling out these two witness slips by Wednesday morning.

Witness Slip Instructions:

  • I. IDENTIFICATION: with your information. In the Firm/Business or Agency Box and in the Title Box, identify as "Self."

  • II. REPRESENTATION: as "Self" (unless you actually are representing an organization)


  • IV. TESTIMONY: select "Record of Appearance Only

Action via Neighbors for Affordable Housing and the Chicago Housing Initiative

Action 2: Postcard Party for Erika Bachner on Wednesday

Indivisible Chicago and Indivisible Oak Park's own Erika Bachner is running for River Forest Village Trustee and she deserves our support! Come join Indivisible Chicago, grab a beer, and write some postcards in support of a great candidate. You don't need to bring anything but yourself (and a friend!).

Erika was one of the founding members of the Indivisible Chicago Alliance and has represented Indivisible Chicago at events such as the Families Belong Together march, Trump's Fake National Emergency rally, and many others. The skills she has shown organizing with Indivisible are the skills that will make her an excellent choice for River Forest.

"It is time for us to make sure that we are keeping equity in mind whenever we're approaching these big and small decisions," she told, "To me, that is an important enough reason to get involved."

When: Wednesday, March 20 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Where: Green Eye Lounge (2403 W Homer St.)
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Action 3: Listen to the Indivisible Chicago Podcast with Rep. Celina Villanueva

Every Sunday, Indivisible Chicago members Tom Moss releases a new episode of the Indivisible Chicago Podcast (ICP). It’s a great way to keep up with the latest news about the Indivisible movement on a local level and to stay plugged in to upcoming efforts around the city.

The attack in New Zealand this week amplifies the rise of white nationalism across the globe, and with it, the rise of authoritarianism. Tom considers the work of Karen Stenner, a behavioral economist, whose research suggests that authoritarianism is a psychological disposition that gets awakened from time to time. You can check out an interview with her on Slate’s The Good Fight podcast. Her book is The Authoritarian Dynamic, and she’s also featured in the essay collection, Can it Happen Here?

Then, Indivisible Chicago’s Jeff Radue and Steve Held discuss three bills that are moving through the state legislature and what you can do to support them.

Representative Celina Villanueva will be the Illinois House sponsor of the Tax Return Transparency Bill. She joins the pod and explains why that bill is so important.

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