Tuesday, January 15 - Reimagine Chicago Mayoral Forum / 43rd Ward Aldermanic Forum / Condemn Steve King

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: TOMORROW - Reimagine Chicago Mayoral Forum

Decades of failed policies have devastated Chicago’s neighborhoods, creating a city that is becoming increasingly unlivable for anybody who isn’t rich and well connected. Right now we have an opportunity to turn that around and reimagine what the future of our city looks like.

As Chicago voters prepare to go to the polls to choose our next Mayor and City Council, we have an opportunity to demand that candidates stand with us on the issues we care about. Together, we can reimagine a Chicago that invests in our neighborhoods, schools, and services.

Amara Enyia, La Shawn Ford, Lori Lightfoot, Susana Mendoza, Toni Preckwinkle, and Willie Wilson have all confirmed their attendance at the Reimagine Chicago Mayoral Forum, hosted by Grassroots Collaborative.

When: Wednesday, January 16 from 6 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.
Where: New Mount Pilgrim Church-Chicago (4301 W. Washington Blvd)
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Action via Grassroots Collaborative

Action 2: TOMORROW - 43rd Ward Aldermanic Forum

Chicago elections are coming up on February 26. Before you vote, get to know the aldermanic candidates from the 43th ward at a special forum. Find out where they stand on issues like education, policing and more as they take questions directly from attendees.

When: Wednesday, January 16 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Where: Greenhouse Theater Center (2257 N Lincoln Ave.)
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Co-Sponsored by Indivisible Lakeview Lincoln Park and DePaul Democrats

Action 3: Call on Congress to Condemn Steve King

This weekend, a lot of people got to talking about the latest comments from Congress’ very own racist-in-chief Steve King (R-IA) to The New York Times: “White nationalist, white supremacist, Western civilization -- how did that language become offensive?”

This isn’t surprising. And it was hardly the first time.

Steve King is actually Trumpism, purified. But thanks to the blue wave YOU built in November House Democrats, with a simple majority vote, can (and should) censure him. Republicans should also speak out against his unapologetic racism.

Censure is one of the mechanisms available in the House to punish one of its own members for misbehaving or for jeopardizing the integrity of the institution. Once a Representative is censured, they must stand before the full body of the House and receive a public rebuke. Even though only a simple majority is needed, it is important to have bipartisan support in order to prevent censure from being misused (or dismissed) for political purposes. There could be a vote today on censure of Rep. King!

Call your Representative now and ask them to publicly condemn Steve King and his latest, racist remarks and publicly support his censure.

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Script: Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [zip code] and a member of Indivisible. I’m calling to ask Representative [NAME] to call for Steve King to be censured for his racist remarks.

Steve King has a long history of making offensive and racist comments. He commonly denigrates immigrants while defending -- and increasingly championing -- white supremacy. His bigoted comments alone are sufficient for censure. What’s worse, Steve King’s comments intentionally stoke fear and tensions, and embolden white supremacists, which may be lead to more acts of violence against immigrants and communities of color.

Will [Representative] publicly condemn Steve King’s racist comments and call for him to be censured? I will be watching closely for their public statement and for support for censure if it comes to the floor for a vote

Action via Indivisible

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