Friday, September 28 - Support Women Candidates / Team JB Weekend of Action / Help Inmates Vote

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: Support Women Candidates in Illinois

Yesterday’s was tough. The shameful display in the Senate, where the GOP completely disregarded and disrespected the brave testimony of Dr. Blasey Ford while allowing Brett Kavanaugh to rant and rave and berate female Senators, showed how far this country still is from believing women.

There’s only one thing that can make this right. We need to elect as many Democratic women to office on November 6 as we can. We must lift up their voices and fight back against a party that dismisses, disrespects and silences women.

You can help by donating to, volunteering for, and amplifying these women candidates on social media to help them win on November 6:

Action 2: Team JB Weekend of Action 9/29-30

For the last four years, Governor Bruce Rauner has failed to fight for gun control, healthcare, community resources and education. Illinois can’t handle four more years of failed leadership. That’s why we need to elect a Democrat in November who will fight for progressive values and stand up against Trump.

You have the chance to help make that happen! Candidate JB Pritzker is holding a weekend of action with volunteer opportunities across the state. On September 29 and 30, you can join thousands of progressives across Illinois to canvass and phone bank for JB.

See all of the volunteer opportunities in your area and sign up today!


Action 3: Help Cook County Inmates Vote

In the fall of 2017, Chicago Votes was asked to be the official sponsor of election activities in the Cook County Jail (CCJ). What started as a voter registration drive once a month has expanded to include in-person election coordination, civic education, local administrative advocacy, and statewide legislative advocacy. The goal is simple, increase access to the ballot and civic knowledge for Illinois’ incarcerated population.

CCJ is one of the largest single-site county pre-detention facilities in the United States, admitting approximately 100,000 people annually and averaging a daily population of 6,000 people. While over 90% of those incarcerated in this facility have the right to vote, many of them do not know they are eligible to vote and are missing out on their opportunity to participate.

Chicago Votes’ CCJ Votes initiative aims to address this disconnect at a systematic level; working at the intersection of organizing and advocacy to ensure that people affected by the criminal justice system know their civic rights and responsibilities.

You can help by volunteering to help CCJ inmates register to vote, sort ballots, or help with in-person voting on October 19-21 or 27.

For more info, please email Jen Dean at

Action via Chicago Votes

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