Thursday, September 13 - Get Your Friends Registered / Support the Hotel Strike / Call on South Carolina to Evacuate Prisoners

Actions You Can Take Today

  • Action 1: Get your friends registered to vote with the Amplify app

  • Action 2: Support the Chicago Hotel Strike

  • Action 3: Call on South Carolina to evacuate prisoners in the path of Hurricane Florence

    • Call Governor Henry McMaster - 803.734.2100

    • Call Legislative Liaison/Special Assistant to the Director Dexter Lee - 803.896.1731


Action 1: Get Your Friends Ready to Vote with the Amplify App

The election this November 6th is the most important of our lifetimes. Republicans have made it explicitly clear that if they win there will be:

Democrats must win one or both chambers to stop that agenda and to instill oversight. Democracy is literally on the line.

But Republicans in charge of voting aggressively work to insure fewer people can vote - specifically minorities. And this anti-democratic tactic works. Kris Kobach’s primary win looks to be because of his own voter suppression. Kobach is the architect of Crosscheck, and head of the Trump administration voter suppression commission. Here in Illinois, Governor Rauner vetoed the bill that would have ended our participation in it.

All of that means that we have to beat Trump enabling Republicans at the polls by more than 6% in order to get accountability. Every vote counts - even in “blue” states like ours.

Starting today, you can use the Amplify App to help make sure your friends are registered to vote. It’s super easy: you tap a button in Amplify, and it will check to make sure the contacts on your phone are registered to vote. Then, it lets you send a text with instructions for your friends to register online. You pick the people you want to send the text to; You decide what the message says; and Amplify sends the text for you (no text charges for you!).

Download Amplify today and make sure all of your friends and relations are registered to vote. The deadline to register online in Illinois is October 9, so get started today.

Don’t want to register on your phone? Use Indivisible’s online voting tool to get registered on your computer. Go to and just follow the steps.


Action 2: Support the Chicago Hotel Strike

Union contracts with UNITE HERE Local 1 expired on August 31, and now thousands of Chicago hotel housekeepers, servers, cooks and doormen have stopped working and are on strike to demand year-round health care.

 “Hotels may slow down in the wintertime, but I still need my diabetes medication when I’m laid off. Nobody should lose their health benefits just because it’s cold out. Full-time jobs should have year-round benefits,” said Q. Rivers, a house attendant at the Palmer House Hilton.

“They work us like dogs when it’s busy and then kick us to the curb in the winter,” said Rivers.

Striking hotel workers deserve sick days to see a doctor, workloads that keep them healthy, and wages that keep up with the cost of raising a family.

Hotel workers are on strike at 25 downtown convention and boutique hotels. Affected hotels include the Hyatt Regency Chicago, JW Marriott, Sheraton Grand, and Hilton Chicago.

To stand in solidarity with the striking workers, here are two ways to show your support:

Action via Unite Here 1


Action 3: Call on S. Carolina to Evacuate Prisoners

With Hurricane Florence approaching, millions of Americans are evacuating their homes to avoid the potentially catastrophic storm with assistance from local state governments. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster told residents, “We are not going to gamble with the lives of the people of South Carolina. Not a one.”

However, the Governor has not ordered the evacuation of more than 650 prisoners who are directly in the path of the hurricane.

Jailhouse Lawyers Speak, an incarcerated group of prisoner rights advocates said in a Facebook post that, instead of being evacuated to safety, “Prisoners are getting the word to fill up anything with water.”

This is an atrocity. The Governor needs to account for the safety of the prisoners under his care. We need your help putting pressure on each state to ensure the horrors that happened at FCI Beaumont during Hurricane Harvey don’t happen again. Call on Governor McMaster now to demand the safe evacuation of all prisoners in the path of the hurricane.

Call Governor Henry McMaster - 803.734.2100
Call Legislative Liaison/Special Assistant to the Director Dexter Lee - 803.896.1731

Script: Hello, my name is [Name]. I’m calling as a concerned citizen to urge [Official’s Name] to immediately evacuation all prisoners from every state and federal prison and county jail within the hurricane evacuation and flood zone. South Carolina needs to ensure that all prisons are stocked up on food and clean drinking water for prisoners to prevent unnecessary illness and death for citizens of this state. Thank you.

 Action via Jailhouse Lawyers Speak

Daily Actions Editor