Friday, August 3 - Urgent Press Conference for Gloria Barrera / Tell Rauner to Protect Healthcare / Save the Date for JB Event

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: URGENT Press Conference for Gloria Barrera TODAY

Gloria Barrera is a survivor of human trafficking, and is diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. Now, ICE wants to deport her in the middle of her treatment, removing her from her family during her final months.

Join PASO today for an urgent press conference at 10 a.m. outside of ICE.

This is one of millions of reasons why we must #AbolishICE. As people come out in support of families at the border, we also have families in Illinois fighting their deportation cases every day. Gloria Barrera is a community member in Melrose Park, and is going through the courts to ask for relief. Please RSVP and share the event as soon as possible to spread the word.

When: 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Where: 101 W Congress Pkwy
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Action 2: Call on Governor Rauner to Sign HB2624

On August 1st, the Trump Administration finalized a rule to allow the sale of Short Term Health Insurance expanding their duration from 90 days to 364 days and allowing renewals for up to 3 years.  

Short term plans are not regulated by the ACA or the IL insurance code. They can discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, they regularly rescind coverage when people become sick, and they are not required to cover any of the 10 essential health benefits.

Without action on a state level, the new rule will entice healthy individuals to purchase these inadequate plans and result in higher premiums or coverage denial for 5 million individuals in Illinois with illnesses and pre-existing conditions. The plans are very confusing for consumers and an expansion in enrollment into short term plans could severely destabilize the individual marketplaces.

Call Governor Rauner and ask him to sign HB2624 SA3 Short-Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Act into law. The purpose of this bill is to regulate short term limited duration health plans. This will be accomplished by establishing a maximum coverage of 181 days in any given year. It will also require clearly written disclosures on all sales and marketing materials for these plans.

  • Call Gov. Rauner | Springfield Office 217-782-0244 | Chicago Office 312-814-2121

  • Email Rauner

Suggested script: Hi. My name is _____ and I’m a constituent from [ZIP CODE]. I’m calling to ask Governor Rauner to sign HB2624 SA3 Short-Term Limited Duration Health Insurance Act into law.  This bill will protect Illinois residents from buying inadequate health insurance that could endanger their lives or result in bankruptcy in case of illness. Thank you.


Action 3: Save the Date for JB Event on 8/30

Over the past 15 months, through rallies, marches, phone banks, and so much else, YOU have fueled a new grassroots movement that’s remaking American politics. And as we approach one of the most critical elections of our lifetimes, it’s up to all of us to help set a new course here in Illinois—and drive a true progressive agenda well beyond November.

On August 30, Indivisible Chicago will be hosting a voter forum with JB Pritzker, and we need YOU there—your presence, your voice, your questions. This will be a chance to show the strength of our grassroots movement—the force that will determine this election and continue to push progressive change afterward—and to discuss the issues we care about most with the Democratic nominee and gubernatorial frontrunner.

How can we make sure Illinois finally passes a progressive income tax? How can we turn our top priorities into real progress? How do we build an Illinois that works for everyone—not just the powerful and not just the machine?

We invite everyone to share the issues and questions you most want to discuss with JB, and to join us at this forum. Ultimately, this election is about more than one person or one candidate; it’s about us, the grassroots. And it’s only through our continued engagement that we will not just win in November, but turn a progressive agenda into the future of Illinois.  

Sign up for more information and to submit your questions for JB!


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