Wednesday, August 29 - JB Pritzker Event / Canvass in IL-06 / Anti-Corruption Bill

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: An Evening with JB and Special Guests - Thursday 8/30

On Thursday August 30, Indivisible Chicago will be hosting a voter forum with JB Pritzker, Julianna Stratton, Delia Ramirez and other special guests. We need YOU there—your presence, your voice, your questions. This will be a chance to show the strength of our grassroots movement—the force that will determine this election and continue to push progressive change afterward—and to discuss the issues we care about most with the Democratic nominee and gubernatorial frontrunner.

How can we make sure Illinois finally passes a progressive income tax? How can we turn our top priorities into real progress? How do we build an Illinois that works for everyone—not just the powerful and not just the machine?

Ultimately, this election is about more than one person or one candidate; it’s about us, the grassroots. And it’s only through our continued engagement that we will not just win in November, but turn a progressive agenda into the future of Illinois.

When: Thursday, August 30 from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Where: First United Methodist Church
(77 West Washington Street)
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Action 2: Canvass for Sean Casten in IL-06

Sean Casten is running for Congress in the IL 6th Congressional district to unseat current incumbent Peter Roskam.

Sean, a scientist and successful renewable energy entrepreneur, is much more in tune with his district than the incumbent Congressman Peter Roskam, who has not held a public town hall with his constituents in 10 years. Roskam is the 4th most senior GOP Congressional leader and was one of the principal architects of the recent regressive tax cut legislation.

In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton won this District by 7 points, so there is hope that Sean will be successful in unseating Roskam. The DCCC has identified this race is one of their top 10 Red to Blue races in the country and are actively supporting his campaign.

Help get out the vote in IL-06 with a canvassing session next weekend with Blue Beginnings or any weekend leading up to November.

Check out the Swing Left calendar to view all upcoming canvassing and phonebanking eventsNow is not the time to sit on the sidelines! We must be the power behind the #BlueWave this November.



Action 3: Support Sen. Warren’s Anti-Corruption Bill

Donald Trump is overseeing the most corrupt administration we've ever seen. From coordinating with Russia to steal a presidential election to violating the Constitution's emoluments clause to enrich himself, Trump has made a mockery of his own campaign slogan to 'drain the swamp.'

Trump is benefitting because of a Washington's culture of corporate corruption is decades in the making. When officials profit from their offices, the people suffer.

But last week Senator Elizabeth Warren put forward the Anti-Corruption and Public Integrity Act - the most sweeping legislation since Watergate aimed at rooting out corruption in government. Sen. Warren's bill would fundamentally change how government is done by putting an end to politicians' ability to sell influence for personal profit. The legislation:

  • Cracks down on the revolving door between industry and government by banning lucrative golden parachutes for taking government jobs and blocking members of Congress from making stock trades.

  • Bans senior elected and administration officials from ever becoming lobbyists and make other changes to reform lobbying and ensure members of Congress act more independently of lobbyists.

  • Toughens ethics requirements across the board including stronger ethics requirements on increasingly pro-Wall Street judges and a stricter enforcement of anti-corruption laws on judges and the executive branch.

  • Makes government more transparent by forcing candidates and elected officials to disclose more about their finances, shining a light on the corporate cash flooding Washington and opening Congress's work to the public eye.

Legislators can’t come out against the bill without seeming to be corrupt themselves, so there's a real opportunity to get this bill passed.  We need to start building support for this bill right now, so that when Democrats win back control of Congress, it is ready to go on day one.

Start by signing up directly with Senator Warren in support of the bill. We’ll be watching for Illinois members of congress (MoC) to stand up against corruption, and will nudge them the right way if they remain silent.

Daily Actions Editor