Monday, July 9 - Postcards for Senators / Donate School Supplies to Refugees / Indivisible Chicago Podcast

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: Send Senators a Postcard Telling Them to Block Trump’s SCOTUS Nominee

Trump is going to announce his next SCOTUS nominee tonight. Although we don’t know who it is yet, we do know that Trump wants to put a hard-right conservative in this seat: he’s already put out a “short list” of 25 possible picks, and every single one is an extremist. This puts settled rights like abortion, marriage equality, and health care back under threat.

The only way we can defeat Trump’s nominee is to: Get to 51 votes. To start, we need 49 “no” votes from EVERY SINGLE SENATE DEMOCRAT to have a fighting chance.

Send our Senators a postcard using Get Loud Now, an innovative tool from a Chicago-based organization that makes it easy to send elected reps a customizable, professionally-designed, on-message postcard telling them to vote “no” on Trump’s nominee. Each postcard costs only $1.80, including postage. Learn more about Get Loud Now.

Send our Senators a postcard now!


Action 2: RefugeeOne Back to School Drive

Help refugee kids succeed in school by donating to RefugeeOne’s Back to School Drive. As one refugee student said, “I work hard in school so I can be whatever I want. I’m lucky to have a chance to go to school because some kids in the world don’t get to.”

With your help, refugee youth in Chicago can achieve their full potential! Check out RefugeeOne’s wish list and addition details. You can either ship your items or drop them off at RefugeeOne’s offices during specified drop off times.

Action via RefugeeOne


Action 3: Listen to the Indivisible Chicago Podcast with Carol Ammons

Every Sunday, Indivisible Chicago members Tom Moss and Dan Nelson release a new episode of the Indivisible Chicago Podcast. It’s a great way to keep up with the latest news about the Indivisible movement on a local level and to stay plugged in to upcoming efforts around the city.

Carol Ammons represents Champaign in the Illinois General Assembly, is one of three members of a panel to address anti-harassment in the capital, and has been key in the #endcrosscheck movement. This week, she joins Tom Moss to talk about all of that and more on the Indivisible Chicago Podcast.

Give it a listen here, and subscribe via iTunes to follow along with new episodes. 

Daily Actions Editor