Tuesday, July 31 - Postcard Posse League Night / Take Back the Senate / ICE Response Training

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: TONIGHT - Postcard Posse League Night

You've heard of a bowling league, right? Well, how about a postcard league? Indivisible Chicago’s Postcard Posse is now forming teams to help write postcards to voters ahead of the midterms. Write to win prizes and, more importantly, help elect people who share your values! We will count up postcards for each team and keep the standings. 

We will be writing postcards to voters who share our values and voted in 2016, but did not vote in 2014. We are going to turn them out for the midterms! We will be writing postcards to Sean Casten's district (IL-6) and Lauren Underwood's (IL-14) to start, and we will expand to other districts as interest dictates.

It does not cost anything to enter--just your time, effort, and hand cramps. Postcards will be provided, and we will cover the postage for postcards filled out during league events.

Get more information and sign up for Postcard Posse updates, and plan to attend an upcoming league night:

  • TONIGHT - Tuesday, July 31 from 6-7:30pm, Bar Louie Printers Row (47 W Polk St.); sign up here

  • Tuesday, August 7 from 7-8:30pm, Gideon Welles (4500 N Lincoln Ave.); sign up here

If you don't want to write postcards, but still want to help, you can donate to help cover the cost of postage. 100 postcards will require $35 in postage.


Action 2: TOMORROW - Indivisible Chicago Take Back the Senate Meeting

The retirement of Justice Kennedy has shown that taking back the Senate is of utmost importance. We are going to put in the work to defend the seats we have and flip a couple Republican seats.

Indivisible Chicago is hosting an organizational meeting for those who are interested in assisting with our Senate actions. We will not have any actions at this meeting, but we will talk about what can be done from Chicago to help protect Donnelly in Indiana and whatever other races are of interest. That could include identifying text banking, phone banking, or canvassing for nearby races. We will make first plans of attack, assign tasks, and leave with a roadmap to victory.

If you are interested in helping organize, we would love to have you! Let's take back the Senate!

When:  Wednesday, August 1 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Where: Gideon Welles (4500 N Lincoln Ave.)
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Action 3: ICE Watch, Rapid Response, and Community Support Training

Be part of the solution and support for our immigration communities in the western suburbs! Join us for PASO's ICE Watch, Rapid Response and Community Support Training where you will learn how to support immigrant communities facing immigration enforcement, family separation and fear.

The training will consist of activities community members can engage in when immigration raids happen, such as immediate deployment/rapid response to an impacted community in order to assist with Know Your Rights support, social media alerts, and video/photographic documentation.

While we never know in advance when the activity is needed, this is the time to start preparing for supportive action. Sign up to support families facing detention, deportation, and separation. PASO will provide support for volunteers wishing to be involved. Please call us with questions at 708-410-2000 or email mony@pasoaction.org.

When: Wednesday, August 1 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Where: Unity Temple Community Center (1019 South Blvd, Oak Park, IL)
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