Tuesday, June 19 - Condemn Companies Aiding Family Separation / End Crosscheck

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: Condemn Companies Aiding Family Separation

Thanks to Shannon Coulter at Grab Your Wallet and Sleeping Giants, we now know the names of two contractors that are coordinating Trump’s child prison camps: MVM Inc. and General Dynamics

It’s time to make these folks work for their paycheck and make our voices heard. Here is the contact info for their PR teams. Send them polite, but firm emails that their support for these child prison camps is intolerable and immoral.

Email template:


It has come to my attention that your business is holding immigrant children in jails.

They are children and asylum seekers. They should not be separated from their parents and they shouldn't be in concentration camps.

Please ask your leadership to back out of this contract as there is no way to justify this.



Action via Sleeping Giants


Action 2: Tell Rauner to Sign Crosscheck Bill

Since July 2017, Indivisible Chicago has been working to get Illinois to leave the Crosscheck program. Illinois voluntarily joined the program in 2011, by the decision of the Illinois State Board of Elections. Since then, over 8 million Illinois voter records have been sent to the program every January.

In a huge victory and a first for Indivisibles, Indivisible Chicago worked with state legislators to introduce legislation (SB 2273) to force the state to leave Crosscheck. SB 2273 has passed both houses of the Illinois state legislature. Most recently, Indivisible Chicago's advocacy and the discovery of Crosscheck's massive security failures were detailed by ProPublica, Mother Jones, ThinkProgress, and the Chicago Sun-Times.

Due to the amazing advocacy of Indivisible Chicago, SB 2273 passed both houses of the Illinois state legislature and is now on Governor Rauner’s desk. Unfortunately, Governor Rauner has said that he finds the prospect of leaving Crosscheck to be “troubling.”

Call the Governor to let him know that you support SB 2273, and expect him to sign the bill.

Call Gov. Rauner | Springfield Office 217-782-0244 | Chicago Office 312-814-2121

Script: Hi, my name is {Name} and I’m calling from [Zip Code]. I’m calling to ask Governor Rauner to sign SB 2273, the bill to end Illinois’ participation in the Crosscheck program. The program has numerous security flaws and enables voter suppression. I’m counting on Rauner to stand up for voting rights and sign this bill. Thank you.

Action via Indivisible

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