Tuesday, May 8 - Call on Rauner to Sign Crosscheck Bill / Mother’s Day Vigil / Moms Demand Action

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: Call on Governor Rauner to sign SB2273 to end Crosscheck in Illinois

On Thursday, April 19, Rep. Ann Williams called SB2273 to the floor of the House for a vote. SB2273 required Illinois to leave the Crosscheck program, a voter suppression system championed by noted terrible person Kris Kobach. Rep. Williams presented the bill and specifically called out Indivisible Chicago for doing all the hard work behind making this bill a reality. With 63 "yes" votes, SB2273 passed through the House and will now head to Governor Rauner's desk!

This was a big milestone because SB2273 is the first bill that Indivisible Chicago has championed that has made it through both chambers of the General Assembly. And, in every way, this was our bill. In July of 2017 when Kris Kobach formed his voter fraud commission, a team quickly formed to ensure Illinois did not participate in this effort and send our voter information to Kobach. We overwhelmed the phones of State Board of Elections and within a day, they had relented. From there, we used FOIA requests, phone calls, witness slips, and hours of hard work to get this bill introduced and passed.

Governor Rauner is likely to veto this bill, but it’s important that he hears from Illinois residents on why he should protect our electoral system and opt out of Crosscheck. Help us get this bill to the finish line!

Call Governor Rauner: Springfield Office 217-782-0244 | Chicago Office 312-814-2121

Script: Hi, I’m [NAME] and I’m calling from [zip code]. I’m calling to ask Governor Rauner to sign SB2273 to pull Illinois out of the Crosscheck program. Crosscheck is a flawed system that encourages voter suppression and fails to protect voter data. I urge the Governor to sign this bill immediately! Thank you.


Action 2: Incarcerated Mother's Day Vigil and Toiletry Drive on 5/12

According to the Prison Policy Institute, there are nearly 220,000 women incarcerated in the US, 96,000 of whom are in jails, the vast majority of whom are there because the bond required for pre-trial release amounts to half or all of their annual income. The majority of incarcerated women are mothers. We do not have good numbers on how many transgender women and non-binary caregivers are in men's facilities. The average distance between an incarcerated mom and their child is 180 miles, a cost-prohibitive 360-mile round-trip to visit.

The correlation of trauma, poverty, abuse, and community divestment with women's incarceration, describes incarceration as a whole. And, if all or most of incarceration is criminalized survival, in which prisoners are subject to further violence and trauma as a matter of course, then our collective response must be to shut them down, address poverty/targeted disinvestment in Black and Brown communities as another form of violence, whose harm can only be reduced with resources that meet needs, not punishment or surveillance.

Join Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration and co-sponsoring organizations for the 5th annual Mother's Day vigil and toiletry drive outside Cook County Jail. 

The goal is to uplift and honor mothers separated from their kids by incarceration in jails, prisons, deportation centers, and even by the restrictive conditions of electronic monitoring and parole, which are not supportive of caregiver duties. We will hear from formerly and recently incarcerated moms, their loved ones, and abolitionist organizers/artists--many embody all of these descriptions. We'll hear music, release balloons, and greet loved ones on their way to and from visits.

There will also be a collection of sealed/unused toiletry donations at the vigil: full or travel size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, lotion, bar soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, tampons, and pads. Any cosmetics or higher end products (e.g. samples of skin creams, etc) will be reserved for women who are returning, as not all can or will be distributed inside.

When: Saturday, May 12 from noon to 1 p.m.
Where: Cook County Jail (2700 S. California Ave.); meet on the green, directly across from the main visitor's gate.
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Action via Moms United Against Incarceration


Action 3: Moms Demand Action Meeting on 5/15

As progressives across the country continue to lobby for common sense gun reform, Indivisible Chicago is supporting Moms Demand Action in the fight against gun violence. Although there is an unforgivable gridlock in Washington, there are concrete steps we can take Illinois to enact common sense gun legislation that will save lives.

Join Moms Demand Action Illinois at an upcoming Lincoln Square meeting to learn how you can help.

When: Tuesday, May 15 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Where: Luther Memorial Church of Chicago (2500 W. Wilson Ave.)
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