Thursday, May 31 - #FamiliesBelongTogether Rally / Demand Scott Lloyd Resign for Harming Immigrant Children / Protect IL Healthcare

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: TOMORROW - #FamiliesBelongTogether Rally

We need to raise our voices against the key actors who are carrying out Trump’s family separation order: ICE and U.S. Attorneys. ICE apprehends and separates families while US Attorneys enforce the separation in legal proceedings. We need to stand up against this incompetence and the moral abomination of family separation.

Indivisible Chicago is excited to be partnering with the National Domestic Workers Alliance, MomsRising, United We Dream, MoveOn and many others to hold family-friendly rallies across the country. Bring your friends, wheel your stroller on over, grab your lunch boxes, and make your family's voice heard loud and clear, that #FamiliesBelongTogether.

When: Friday, June 1, from noon to 1 p.m.
Where: Federal Plaza (location may change so RSVP to stay apprised

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Action 2: Demand Scott Lloyd Resign for Harming Immigrant Children

Scott Lloyd took control of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office Of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) in March of 2017 and soon after instituted a new policy requiring his personal approval to release any immigrant child who was ever under "heightened supervision," which includes unaccompanied minors and immigrant children without legal authorization.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed an urgent motion to halt this practice and ensure that teen children are promptly released and returned to their families. There is no credible reason that the director of a federal agency should have to personally approve custody issues, and as a consequence, children are being detained for months and sometimes years. Lloyd and his extreme practices has transformed an agency charged with protecting the most vulnerable immigrants, including many children who have faced trauma and violence, into one dedicated to punishing them.

Lloyd is already infamous for attempting to personally intervene in the legal abortions of at least four pregnant teenagers in ORR custody, and attempting to subject at least one to a controversial and unproven "abortion reversal" procedure. Clearly Lloyd has an agenda that runs counter to the rule of law and basic decency. He must be removed from this sensitive position so he can no longer harm innocent children.

Call on Scott Lloyd to resign immediately by calling the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS): 202-205-5445

Script: Hello, my name is [NAME] and I’m an American from Chicago. I’m calling to leave a message for Secretary Azar. Please tell Mr. Azar that Scott Lloyd’s abuse of power as the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement is unacceptable. Requiring that he personally approve the release of teenage immigrant children under "heightened supervision" is indefensible. He has already attempted to block legal abortions for teenage immigrants in ORR custody, and now he is harming innocent children for no reason. Mr. Lloyd must resign immediately.

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Action 3: Protect Healthcare Coverage in Illinois

Attacks from both Congress and the President continue to threaten the health and well-being of Illinoisans. These attacks include rolling back consumer protections, cutting benefits, increasing consumer costs, and restricting access to healthcare coverage.

Unless Illinois takes back control of our healthcare from Congress and the President, our citizens will be at risk of continued attacks and health care market costs will keep rising due to uncertainty.

HB 4165 HA1 would ensure the General Assembly has input in a public process should any Illinois Governor use a federal invitation to reduce healthcare access and treatment. The current process for waivers requires little transparency and even less public input. The Do No Harm Healthcare Act would require the General Assembly to approve any waivers proposed by the state that would affect coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), State Employe Group Health Insurance, and Medicaid; ensuring that any attempt to restrict access to healthcare is open to public debate, oversight and scrutiny. HB 4165 HA1 gives the IL General Assembly the power to provide a critical check and balance to stop any attempts to weaken or reduce our healthcare.

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