Friday, May 11 - Block Drone Surveillance of Protesters / Let America Vote+Indivisible Chicago Voting Rights House Party

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: Block Drone Surveillance of Protesters

In a time when thousands of people are demonstrating to resist Trump Administration policies, the City of Chicago is championing legislation in Springfield allowing police to use drones to monitor these protests. The legislation – Senate Bill 2562 and House Bill 4405 – effectively guts groundbreaking legislation passed and signed into law just three years ago requiring a judicial warrant for the use of drones by police in Illinois. 

“Given Chicago’s history of surveillance against protesters and social justice advocates – including by the notorious Red Squad –the Chicago police should not be able to use this new, powerful tool to monitor protesters near silently and from above,” said Karen Sheley, Director of the ACLU Police Practices Project. “The legislation also ignores sweeping surveillance tools currently available to the police – including an integrated public camera system that covers much of the City.”

Senate Bill 2562 (sponsored by Senator Martin Sandoval) and House Bill 4405 (sponsored by John D’Amico) both have cleared Committee and stand poised on the floor for a vote in both chambers. Both bills allow drones to be used to make video, audio and still recordings of crowds, and worse, to be equipped with facial recognition technology.

“If this bill is passed, as drafted, during the next large scale political rally, drones could identify and list people protesting the Trump administration,” added Sheley.  “The sight of drones overhead, collecting information, may deter people from protesting in a time when so many want to exercise their First Amendment rights.”

“This is too much unchecked power to give to the police – in Chicago or anywhere.”

Call your Illinois state reps and tell them to oppose these bills and protect the FIrst Amendment!

Find your state representatives

Script: Hi, my name is {NAME} and I'm a constituent in the {ZIP CODE} and member of Indivisible.  I’m calling to ask [Senator/Representative} ___ to vote no on [SB 2562/HB 4405] to protect protesters from warrantless drone surveillance. Given the history of police abuse of protesters in this state, it is vital to protect the First Amendment rights of our citizens. Thank you.

Action via ACLU of Illinois


Action 2: Let America Vote/Indivisible Chicago Voting Rights House Party

Extreme voter suppression laws that disproportionately impact people based on their race or ethnicity, gender, age, or income have started popping up all over the country. If we don’t fight back, more and more Americans will become disenfranchised.

Indivisible Chicago is partnering with Let America Vote to help support the fight for voting rights here in Illinois. Join us for a house party in the Chicago neighborhood of Andersonville on Saturday, May 19 at 1 p.m. where we will discuss Let America Vote and what you can do to help. Jason Kander, President of Let America Vote (and Indivisible Chicago Summit keynote speaker) will call in and speak to our team as well!

We will use this casual environment to discuss voting rights and what it means to each of us and get everyone involved in the fight. Refreshments will be provided.

As this is a private residence, the exact address will be given once each person is signed up.

Space is limited to the first 40 people, so please sign up here.

When:  Saturday, May 19 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
Where: Private residence in Andersonville (RSVP to get location)
RSVP here
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