Thursday, May 10 - Support Affordable Housing / Phone Bank for ERA / Donate to Indivisible Chicago

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: Support Affordable Housing on the Northwest Side

Neighbors for Affordable Housing has reached a pivotal point in the fight for affordable housing on the Northwest side of Chicago. The movement is getting close to creating affordable homes for 75 neighbors and families in need at 5150 N. Northwest Highway.  

Before that happens, though, the Illinois Housing Development Authority (or IHDA) has to decide to fund the housing proposal at their board meeting on May 18, and Mayor Rahm Emanuel needs to allow the city's Department of Planning and Development to put the rezoning proposal on the agenda for an upcoming meeting this spring or summer in Chicago's City Council.

To show your support, please send an email to Audra Hamernick, IHDA's executive director, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Commissioner David Reifman to declare your support for affordable housing for our community.

Click here to send an email in support of affordable housing.

Action via Neighbors for Affordable Housing


Action 2: Phone Bank for the ERA on 5/14

ERA ratification in Illinois has moved one step closer to reality. On May 16, the Human Services committee is expected to vote SJRCA 4 out of committee. Next step, a full House vote!

We need your help now more than ever. Our representatives must hear from us! We’re asking for volunteers to phone bank for the ERA on Monday, May 14. All you need is a computer/tablet and a phone--we will provide the script.

When: Monday, May 14 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Where: Democratic Party of Oak Park (6941-A W. North Ave, Oak Park)

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Action and event via Indivisible Oak Park


Action 3: Help Support Indivisible Chicago

We are excited to get into our efforts to win in 2018 and turn the Blue Wave into a tsunami, but we need your help to make that happen.

We are starting to accrue monthly expenses that we need to make sure we can cover. We have regular expenses such as web and emails (like this one you are getting now), but now that we have bought a PA, we are also needing to pay to store it. Beyond that, we want to expand our ability to text to help inform users about big events, rapid response events, and any other critical information. Those text services aren't free, but it would really move our activism to the next level. Listen to the latest episode of our podcast to learn more about where your donations go.

Right now, we have about 10 monthly donors for a couple hundred bucks a months, and our goal is to double that. It's not much money--just enough to cover costs. And the thing is, if we can't cover our costs, someone pays for it and it ends up falling on our most involved volunteers. And every single IC member is an unpaid volunteer--and often we end up just swallowing various costs for the good of the movement. That's why we are looking for another 10 people to set up re-occurring payments.

If you can, please donate any amount you can as a re-occurring payment. $5 a month adds up when enough people contribute.

And what's more, if you can donate $20 a month, we will send you a free Indivisible Chicago t-shirt as a gift that you can wear around town and let everyone know you are a key supporter of our cause!

Click here to donate $20 a month to help support Indivisible Chicago and get a free Indivisible Chicago t-shirt!

So many of you have done so much to help support us, and we appreciate each and every donation. Thank you in advance for your continued support. It is the support from all of you that makes it possible to keep this going, both emotionally and financially.

Daily Actions Editor