Wednesday, April 4 - Support HB 4819 for Net Neutrality / Stop Yesica's Deportation / Witness Slip to End Crosscheck

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: Tell Your State Reps to Support HB 4819 for Net Neutrality

There’s a critical bill on the table to protect net neutrality in Illinois, and now is the time to show massive grassroots support to make sure Illinois lawmakers pass HB 4819.

Dozens of representatives have already signed on to support HB 4819, and next month the bill will be reviewed at a public hearing by the committee that is responsible for cybersecurity and IT issues.

HB 4819 protects net neutrality in two key ways: by requiring all internet service providers (ISPs) who do business with state agencies in Illinois to honor net neutrality principles for all Illinois citizens; and by making ISPs disclose the details of any practices that block, unfairly prioritize, or slow down content.

Without these basic protections, ISPs could block or limit our freedom of access to information, which is a fundamental necessity of a working democracy. We cannot have progress without a well-informed public that has fair and equal access to information on the internet.

Between now and the Committee hearing on April 11, we must show massive grassroots support for the net neutrality bill. Please make a quick call.

Find your state reps’ contact info (It's easiest to find your rep's info and appropriate script in Amplify. Download and start using it)

Script: Hi [State Rep. name]. My name is [Name] and I'm an Illinois voter from [Zip Code]. As a strong supporter of free speech and a free exchange of ideas on the internet, I urge you to support House Bill 4819, a measure that keeps the internet open in Illinois. As you know, it is now up to leaders in the states to protect this basic principle after the Federal Communications Commission acted to dismantle net neutrality. Thank you.

Background info and script from ACLU People Power.


Action 2: Stop Yesica's Deportation

At 22 years old, Yesica has been detained at detention centers in Texas for almost two years. She is currently being held at CoreCivic's Houston Processing Center. Having survived trauma and persecution in El Salvador, she made her way to the U.S. alone to get to safety and reunite with her family. She braved the abusive detention and deportation machine stretching from Mexico to the U.S.

Yesica passed her credible fear interview and has appealed her asylum claim repeatedly, but ICE continues to deny her appeals and release. While Congress just voted to greatly increase the 2018 budget for ICE and Customs & Border Patrol, families like Yesica’s continue being ripped apart by an inhumane and deadly immigration enforcement system.

Yesica’s family lives in Chicago and has been waiting for years to be reunited with their oldest daughter and beloved sister. Yesica fled to the U.S. from El Salvador with her mother and two younger brothers in 2015 but was violently separated from her loved ones.

In 2016, she was apprehended at the border while attempting to reunite with her family. Her family’s asylum claims have been allowed and are proceeding under the same set of entry circumstances that apply to Yesica’s case. Yesica made the critical decision to flee El Salvador following the murder of her father and after her own life was threatened.

Now, Yesica is beset by depression, nightmares, and terror. She fears for her life after so many months in immigrant detention. Every person has the right to move and live freely, in community and with their family, without fear of being separated from their loved ones or displaced from their home. We are asking for your support to put pressure on ICE to stop Yesica’s deportation and release her from detention so she can join her family in Chicago.

Please sign the petition to free Yesica.

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Action 3: Witness Slip for the End Crosscheck Bill

Things are ramping up on Crosscheck and we all need to get to work on it.  SB 2273, the End Crosscheck Bill, was assigned a committee hearing in the House Election and Campaign Finance Committee for April 11, so we need to have lots of witness slips submitted before the hearing. This legislation passed the State Senate two weeks after the start of the session and is now ramping up in the House. The bill would end Illinois participation in the controversial Crosscheck program managed by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

Indivisible Chicago has been hard at work trying to fight back against voter suppression by ending Illinois’ participation in Crosscheck. Crosscheck is a seriously flawed program that often results in voter disenfranchisement and suppression. Learn more about Crosscheck here.

There is an alternative in ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center. ERIC is another voter verification system in which Illinois already participates. ERIC is free of Crosscheck’s security and data-quality flaws. Illinois should continue to use it and encourage surrounding states to do the same.

Witness Slip Instructions:

  1. Click here to view the witness slip

  2. I. IDENTIFICATION: with your information. In the Firm/Business or Agency Box and in the Title Box, identify as "Self."

  3. II. REPRESENTATION: as "Self" (unless you actually are representing an organization)

  4. III. POSITION: select "Proponent"

  5. IV. TESTIMONY: select "Record of Appearance Only"

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