Friday, April 13 - Support HB 4819 for Net Neutrality / Tax March on April 15

Actions You Can Take Today

  • Action 1: Call on your state representatives to support HB 4819 for net neutrality

  • Action 2: Attend the Tax March on Sunday, April 15 from noon to 2 p.m. at Richard J.Daley Center (50 W. Washington)


Action 1: Tell Your State Reps to Support HB 4819 for Net Neutrality

There’s a critical bill on the table to protect net neutrality in Illinois, and now is the time to show massive grassroots support to make sure Illinois lawmakers pass HB 4819.

Dozens of representatives have already signed on to support HB 4819, (If you use the Amplify app, it will show your reps position, whether to urge them to support the bill, or thank them for already doing so, and let you dial them directly). Next month the bill will be reviewed at a public hearing by the committee that is responsible for cybersecurity and IT issues.

HB 4819 protects net neutrality in two key ways: by requiring all internet service providers (ISPs) who do business with state agencies in Illinois to honor net neutrality principles for all Illinois citizens; and by making ISPs disclose the details of any practices that block, unfairly prioritize, or slow down content.

Without these basic protections, ISPs could block or limit our freedom of access to information, which is a fundamental necessity of a working democracy. We cannot have progress without a well-informed public that has fair and equal access to information on the internet.

We must show massive grassroots support for the net neutrality bill. Please make a quick call.

Find your state reps’ contact info (It's easiest to find your rep's info and appropriate script in Amplify. Download and start using it). Then, check if your rep is already a cosponsor of this bill. If so, please thank them for their support.

Script: Hi. My name is [Name]. I'm an Illinois voter from [Zip Code] and member of Indivisible. As a strong supporter of free speech and a free exchange of ideas on the internet, I urge [State Rep. name] to support House Bill 4819, a measure that keeps the internet open in Illinois. As you know, it is now up to leaders in the states to protect this basic principle after the Federal Communications Commission acted to dismantle net neutrality. Thank you.

Background info and script from ACLU People Power.


Action 2: Show up for the Tax March on April 15

It’s been almost one year since thousands of Americans came together on Tax Day 2017 to demand Donald Trump’s tax returns and a fairer tax system for all. In that time, however, Trump and Republicans have turned their backs on hard-working Americans only to help the wealthy and well-connected. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • More than $1.5 trillion in tax cuts for millionaires and big corporations

  • 92 million middle-class families seeing tax hikes

  • 83% of the tax benefits from the TrumpTax going to the top 1%

  • 53% of all Americans will get a tax increase

  • 13 million Americans losing health care

  • 0 tax returns from Trump

On the anniversary of last year’s historic march, people from across the country and here in Chicago will come together once again to express their outrage at Trump and Republicans and to demand that Congress #RepealTheTrumpTax and Trump finally fulfill his promise of releasing his tax returns.

Join us Not One Penny and Indivisible Illinois on Sunday, April 15 as we continue the fight for a fair economy for all Americans.

When: Sunday, April 15 from noon to 2 p.m.}
Where: Richard J.Daley Center (50 W. Washington)|
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