Friday, December 7 - No Child Migrant Prisons / Protect Food Access for Families / ACA Phone Bank

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: Tell Congress to Close and Investigate Child Migrant Prisons

What began as an emergency 30 day shelter in Tornillo, Texas for fewer than 400 migrant children has now ballooned to at least 1800 children and has become a costly, heavily guarded tent prison. Costs per child appear to be at least 50% higher than originally disclosed by the government at $1,200 per child per day. According to shelter officials, the ratio of mental health providers to children is 1:50 rather than 1:12 required by federal policy. Because the Office of Refugee Resettlement waived requirements, none of the staff have undergone FBI fingerprint checks usually used to screen applicants. Tornillo holds more detained children than all but one US federal prison, and expansion continues.

Almost all the teens detained have arrived in the United States unaccompanied, seeking asylum. Under previous administrations, these children were allowed to join family members already residing in the US to await immigration hearings. The Trump administration now requires every adult in the home to which the child is going to live to submit to fingerprinting. The result is few adults are willing to also risk their own fragile living situations, and children end up left in detention facilities for longer periods than ever before, and many face deportation with the threat of felony charges if they ever return.

A record 14,000 migrant children, often fleeing gang or domestic violence, are now detained around the country. Over 50 years of research has shown that detaining young people is deeply traumatizing, and yet the Trump administration refuses to consider the toll their hardline policy is taking on these children. While some lawmakers have called for hearings and that FBI checks be reinstated, it is clear that detaining children for long periods cannot continue. Demand your representative call for immediate closure of facilities like Tornillo and a change in policy to allow children to live with family without fear of being reported.

Call Senator Duckworth | DC: 202-224-2854 | Chicago 312-886-3506
Call Senator Durbin | DC: 202-224-2152 | Chicago 312-353-4952
Find your rep’s contact info

Script: Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [zip code] and a member of Indivisible. I’m calling to ask [MoC] to condemn the detention of 1,800 children in the Tornillo tent prison, the 14,000 children detained around the nation. I also expect [MoC] to call for the closure of facilities like Tornillo and demand that unaccompanied minors seeking asylum be allowed to live with family without fear for their safety. Thank you.

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Action 2: DEADLINE MONDAY - Protect Immigrant Rights to Legal Benefits

The Trump administration has officially proposed a new regulation that would block immigrant families from having a permanent, secure future in the United States. Under the new regulation, immigrants who legally access to basic health supports, safe housing, and healthy food programs could be denied admission to the country or refused a green card. The proposed rule also makes clear that earning low wages, having children, or dealing with a medical condition could be held against immigrants seeking a permanent future in the United States.

This is the latest inhumane attack on the health and wellbeing of so many families and communities across the country. But together, we can stop this.

Under federal law, the Trump administration is required to read and respond to every unique comment before it can finalize its harmful regulation.

Take a few minutes now to post a public comment rejecting this inhumane attack on the health and wellbeing of countless families, communities, and children.  

Action via National Immigration Law Center

Action 3: Phone Bank for ACA Open Enrollment

The current administration has tried to sabotage the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in multiple ways, including making it more difficult for people to sign up for health insurance by:

1. Shortening the open enrollment period from 3 months to just six weeks.

2. Enforcing "downtimes" for maintenance of the website every Sunday (except the last Sunday of the open enrollment period) from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m..

3. Cutting back significantly on advertisements and outreach efforts to remind Americans about the enrollment period.

This is why we need everyone to spread the word! The last day to sign up or make changes to your insurance from the marketplace is December 15.

Indivisible Oak Park is joining the Legal Assistance Foundation to phone bank for the open enrollment period:

During this phone bank, you will have the chance to connect with a targeted group of LAF's clients to remind them about the enrollment period, and to direct them to the website or make an appointment for them with a Certified Application Counselor (CAC). Please bring your cellphone and a laptop or tablet if possible.

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