Thursday, December 13 - No Money for Trump’s Wall / 44th Ward Alderman Forum

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: Tell Congress - No Money for Trump’s Wall

Trump is throwing a temper tantrum, demanding $5 billion in funding from Congress for his unnecessary, xenophobic anti-immigrant agenda -- and to try to get his way, he is threatening to veto legislation from Congress that would keep the government running if it doesn’t include funding for the border wall, detention beds, or border agents. This is a crisis entirely of Trump’s own making.

On Tuesday, Democratic Leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer met with Trump and they told him that they would not agree to any additional money for the wall or additional enforcement. Democrats made two different offers to fund the government and avert a shutdown before the December 21 funding deadline, only to have them bullishly rejected by Trump.

After the meeting, Trump said it himself: "I will be the one to shut [the government] down."

We don’t want the government to shut down -- especially right before the holidays. But, we also don’t want to make concessions that will further harm border communities, immigrants, and refugees. Democrats have offered up a clean, year-long continuing resolution (CR). That means no new money for Trump’s wall, detention beds, or border agents.

Because Democrats take control of the House in January, we’ll have more power in the next Congress to fight back. We’ll be able to finally do more than just stop any new border money; we’ll have the power to cut DHS’ bloated budget and hold its agencies accountable. Until then, we need to stop Republicans from making things worse.

Call your MoCs to tell them you want them to avert a shutdown by passing a year-long continuing resolution and rejecting Trump’s demands for increased enforcement.

Senator Duckworth | DC: 202-224-2854 | Chicago 312-886-3506
Senator Durbin | DC: 202-224-2152 | Chicago 312-353-4952
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Script: Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [zip code] and a member of Indivisible. I’m calling to ask [MoC] to reject funding for Trump’s border wall or enforcement. Border agents have separated families at the border and recently tear-gassed women and children. I don’t want any more of my tax dollars going to support any of that. I demand that [MoC] support only a clean, year-long “CR.” Thank you.

Action via Indivisible

Action 2: 44th Ward Alderman Forum 12/18

On Tuesday, December 18, come see all four 44th ward aldermanic candidates discuss public health, public service, and public safety in Lakeview. This event is co-hosted by Neighbors for a Better Lakeview, Chicago Votes, Common Cause Illinois, and Otherworld Theatre.

If you have a question that you would like asked, or if you would like to nominate an organization to ask a question, please email The co-hosts will review and finalize questions beforehand to ensure there is enough time for candidates to fully answer questions. After the program, there will be an opportunity to meet the candidates and ask them questions.

Space is limited, so please RSVP for a free ticket today and share with your neighbors!

When: Tuesday, December 18 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Where: Otherworld Theatre Company (3914 N Clark St.)
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Action via Neighbors for a Better Lakeview

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