Tuesday, November 6 - VOTE / GoTV Phone and Text Banking / Share Election Info

Actions You Can Take Today

Action 1: GO VOTE!!!!!!!!

It’s been a long two years. But we’ve gotten through it by resisting, calling our reps, canvassing, phone banking, and connecting with fellow progressives locally and across the country.

And now it all comes down to today--Election Day! It’s finally time to vote and make your voice heard.

If you haven’t yet voted, read the Indivisible Chicago voting guide for helpful resources, and share it with a friend.

Let’s make that Blue Wave happen!

Action 2: Last Day! At-Home Phone and Text Banking

Today is the most important election of our lifetime. There is still time to help get out the vote from your very own home by phone or text banking to eligible voters.

Sign up for an at-home phone or text bank shift through Indivisible to help power the Blue Wave!

Sign up right now to make calls and send texts -- you can hop on and off during our shifts as you're able to take part. Once you confirm your dates, we’ll send you everything you need to take part.

Action 3: Share Voting Information

In Illinois, you can still register to vote at the polls on Election Day. But that’s not true everywhere. With the GOP purging voters from the rolls across the country, it’s more important than ever that every voter know their rights.

Help spread the word about three simple steps for securing your vote.

If you check your and notice a problem, but your state's registration deadline has already passed, don't worry! Here's what you should do:

1) Notify your Board of Elections right away - find their contact info using the Verifier verifiedvoting.org/verifier

2) Contact the Election Protection Hotline by calling @866OURVOTE to speak with a non-partisan expert or lawyer who can help you. (or text "OUR VOTE" to 97779)

3) GO VOTE! The only way your vote can't be counted this Election Day is if you don't show up! Go to your regular polling place and request a provisional ballot. If you have any problems, go back to Step 2 and call @866OURVOTE for help

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Action via Public Citizen

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