Monday, November 19 - Postcard Party for MS Runoff / Phone & Text Banking for MS / Indivisible Chicago Podcast

Actions You Can Take Today

Action 1: TODAY - Postcard Party for Mississippi Runoff Election

Election season isn’t over yet! We’re reassembling the Postcard Posse for an important runoff election in pro-Trump Mississippi, where Democrats have one final chance to cut into the GOP’s Senate majority.

Democratic former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy is aiming to upset Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith in a special election runoff on November 27. Hyde-Smith recently joked about lynching and deserves to be taken down by a strong Democrat. Join us to write postcards to Mississippi voters and help turn them out for this special election.

When: Monday, November 19 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Where: Gideon Welles (4500 N Lincoln Ave)
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Action 2: At-Home Phone and Text Banking for Mississippi Runoff

There’s more you can do to help Democrat Mike Espy win a Senate seat. Take a phone or text banking shift from home to help get out the vote for the November 27 election. It’s fun, easy, and no training is required!

Sign up for an at-home phone or text banking shift.

If you see a popup asking for your zip code, just click "skip" (under the "Find Events" button), and that will get you to the list.

Action 3: Listen to the Indivisible Chicago Podcast

Every Sunday, Indivisible Chicago members Tom Moss releases a new episode of the Indivisible Chicago Podcast (ICP). It’s a great way to keep up with the latest news about the Indivisible movement on a local level and to stay plugged in to upcoming efforts around the city.

Opening: Stacey Abrams acknowledged defeat, but did not “concede.” Kemp’s victory in Georgia may be a Pyrrhic one as the issue of voting rights and voter expansion now take center stage. Abrams’ speech is most definitely worth checking out.

Interview: If you’ve ever had the nagging feeling that all of the effort you have put into recycling your newspapers, milk jugs, plastic bags and boxes has been wasted--you’re not alone. And currently, there’s reason for concern. In an investigative article from the BGA, serious problems in the way recycling is handled in some parts of the city are exposed. Madison Hopkins is an investigator for the Better Government Association and joins to discuss.

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