Wednesday, October 31 - Voto Latino Texting Party / Vote for Judges / The Last Weekend

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: Voto Latino Texting Parties 11/1 & 11/4

Voto Latino is helping to get out the vote by texting eligible voters using an app called Hustle. Want to help? Join them at a texting party on November 1 or 4, held at a private residence near Millennium Park.

Food and drinks will be provided courtesy of Voto Latino. You'll also get a nifty #SomosMas t-shirt! Invite your friends!

Sign up for a shift on Thursday, November 1 or Saturday, November 4

Action 2: Get Informed About Judges on the Ballot

Overwhelmed by the judicial options on this year’s ballot? The Chicago Appleseed Fund for Justice  created the VoteForJudges campaign to provide a nonpartisan effort aimed at judicial voter education. The Committee to Elect Qualified Judges, a political action committee dedicated to educating voters about judicial elections, is proud to sponsor the VoteForJudges campaign.

The website, which reports the results of 12 bar groups which receive information about candidates’ performance and recommend whether he or she is qualified to be a judge.

The Alliance of Bar Associations (Alliance) includes 11 bar associations which work collaboratively, but publish independent results. VoteForJudges also includes the judicial evaluation results of the Chicago Bar Association, and the judicial endorsements of the Chicago Tribune.

Ready to get informed about local judges before this year’s election? Visit and share it with your friends!

Action 3: NEW LINK - Get Out the Vote for The Last Weekend

The most effective time to knock doors to get out the vote is the last four days before the election. Sign up for the last weekend now and pledge to knock on doors and make sure the voters get to the polls.

Indivisible Chicago is working to make it easy to get out to the suburbs and get out the vote. For the Casten and Underwood campaigns, we will be meeting in Chicago and carpooling out to the suburbs. If you need a ride, we will make sure you have one.

There is no need to have canvassed before as the offices will be expecting first timers. This is the easiest canvassing you can do as you will be talking to people who the offices have already identified as Democrats. We are just making sure they get out and vote.

NOTE THE NEW LINK: Sign up for The Last Weekend and we will follow up with you with everything you need to know to get out the vote and take back the House.

Daily Actions Editor