Tuesday, October 30 - Voting Guide / Second Chances FL / The Last Weekend

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: Indivisible Chicago Voting Guide

Voting can be intimidating and confusing (sometimes by design). That’s why Indivisible Chicago compiled all of the resources you’ll need to make an informed decision at the ballot box. 

Our Voting Guide covers where to find sample ballots, judicial voting resources, early voting locations, voter registration information, and more.

Read the Indivisible Chicago voting guide and share it with all your friends and family before heading to the polls.  

Action 2: Phone Bank or Text Bank for Florida Voting Rights

Early voting in Florida has begun. If you care about voting rights, you can help Second Chances FL pass Amendment 4 and restore the eligibility to vote to 1.4M Floridians!  

From now until November 6, Second Chances FL is looking for volunteers across the country to take at-home phone and text banking shifts to contact voters and get them to the polls.

Want to get involved?

Action 3: Get Out the Vote for The Last Weekend

The most effective time to knock doors to get out the vote is the last four days before the election. Sign up for the last weekend now and pledge to knock on doors and make sure the voters get to the polls.

Indivisible Chicago is working to make it easy to get out to the suburbs and get out the vote. For the Casten and Underwood campaigns, we will be meeting in Chicago and carpooling out to the suburbs. If you need a ride, we will make sure you have one.

There is no need to have canvassed before as the offices will be expecting first timers. This is the easiest canvassing you can do as you will be talking to people who the offices have already identified as Democrats. We are just making sure they get out and vote.

Sign up for The Last Weekend and we will follow up with you with everything you need to know to get out the vote and take back the House.

Daily Actions Editor