Thursday, October 25 - Midterm Phone Banks / Second Chances FL Phone Bank / Contact Your Superintendent

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: At-Home Phone Banks for IndivisiCandidates

This year, women are at the forefront of a monumental, historic change in this country. So if you have a few spare hours this week, sign up to phone bank for one of our IndivisiCandidates.

Each and every one of us must step up and answer the call, like so many women did when they showed up for the Women's March, ran for office, or started their own Indivisible group after the election.

We can win big on November 6 if we all chip in. And story after story of this election will be that women ran, women built the resistance, and women were the blue wave.

Learn more about the candidates on Indivisible 435's website, and then sign up to phone bank from home. Shifts are available 10/25-10/27.

Action 2: Phone Bank for Florida Voting Rights 10/27

Early voting in Florida has begun. Join Second Chances FL and People Power for a Call Party on its FINAL National Day of Action on Saturday to help pass Amendment 4 and restore the eligibility to vote to 1.4M Floridians!

We will be calling voters across the state to to share our message and urge them to Vote YES on Amendment 4, and ask them to go vote now, since early voting has already started! It's always more fun to phone bank together! All you need is a laptop computer or tablet, your cell phone, and a desire to support Second Chances!

When: Saturday, October 27 at noon
Where: Greenpeace Chicago Office (29 E Madison St. Suite 1700)
RSVP here

Action via People Power

Action 3: Share Gun Fact Sheet with Your Superintendent

The IL Association of School Boards Annual Conference is scheduled for November 16-18 this year. They are considering a proposal that the Board shall “support and advocate for legislation which provides local school boards the option of developing Student Safety and Protection Plans” that could include staff members carrying guns in Illinois schools. We need our school administrators to speak out strongly against this.

Please send this fact sheet to your local school superintendent (find the contact information on the school website) and ask that person to share the fact sheet with their School Board, with a request that they direct their delegate to the IASB Conference to oppose the Resolution on Arming Teachers.

There are alternative ways to address this issue that are more supportive of the students, for example:

1.  Support legislation that would fund School Resource Officers in all schools in IL.  The Officer works in collaboration with the school and the community as a resource for safety and security issues and can be actively involved in a Threat Assessment Team that identifies high risk students and channels them for appropriate treatment.

2.  Support legislation that would fund metal detectors in all schools in IL.

Please share this fact sheet with your superintendent today.

Action via League of Women Voters IL

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