Tuesday, October 2 - Postcard Posse / Get Out the Vote

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: TONIGHT - Postcard Posse League Night

Indivisible Chicago’s Postcard Posse League (like a bowling league, but knocking down Trump sycophants instead of pins) is writing postcards to voters ahead of the midterms. Join in and write to win prizes and, more importantly, help elect people who share your values! We will count up postcards for each team and keep the standings.

We will be writing postcards to voters who share our values and voted in 2016, but did not vote in 2014. We are going to turn them out for the midterms! We will be writing postcards to Sean Casten's district (IL-6) and Lauren Underwood's (IL-14) to start, and we will expand to other districts as interest dictates.

It does not cost anything to enter--just your time, effort, and hand cramps. Postcards will be provided, and we will cover the postage for postcards filled out during league events.

Get more information and sign up for Postcard Posse updates, and plan to attend an upcoming league night:

If you don't want to write postcards, but still want to help, you can donate to help cover the cost of postage. 100 postcards will require $35 in postage, so every dollar helps!


Action 2: Build the Blue Wave with Indivisible Chicago

It’s up to us to build a blue wave that puts power back into people’s hands—and then hold our leaders accountable for stopping Trump and the GOP elite and moving our country forward with  progressive policies. We’ve got the people power to make the difference in November—WE can win elections through voter to voter contact all across Chicago, Illinois, and the USA. We need all hands on deck! Learn about each of the three steps below, and check back often. Every day your action can make a difference.  

1. Build the Electorate - Registration

The first step is to make sure you and your friends are registered to vote. Voter registration is an important activity to ensure our candidates have enough supporters able to turn out on Election Day. For many Americans, securing their right to vote and ability to register has been a long fight throughout the history of our country. The history of laws designed to suppress voting along racial lines continues to this day. See how you can help.

 2. Identify Undecideds

Find a voter who’s with us? Let’s make sure we can get them to the polls. Find someone who’s unsure? Have a conversation. If you can win over a new supporter, you not only win our candidates a vote, you also take one away from Trump’s enablers. We have lots of scheduled activities to help you get started, including canvassing, phonebanking, text banking and Postcard Posse.

3. Turn Out Supporters - Get Out The Vote

The closer to election day, the more important it becomes to have a reliable list of supporters and making sure they vote. Often, they’ll need reminders and maybe even assistance to complete an early ballot or get to the polls for early voting and on Election Day. How can you help? See the options on our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) page.

Daily Actions Editor