Friday, October 19 - Text Bank for Lauren Underwood / Postcard Posse Award Night / Help Native Americans Vote

Actions You Can Take Today


Action 1: Text Bank for Lauren Underwood on Sunday

Indivisible's text banking project, IndivisiText, recently made available critical get-out-the-vote texting opportunities for Lauren Underwood in IL14!

Sign up here by Sunday, October 21 at 9 a.m. to text for Lauren.   

Why text banking? It is an effective way to reach voters and here is why:

  • Strategic text-messaging contact can drive-up participation by 4-7 %

  • Experiments with personalized texts saw over 35% engagement rates

  • 75% of young people prefer texting to calls

  • Average pick-up rates for phone calls from unknown numbers is 10% but less than 5% for young people

  • Almost everyone under 45 yrs. old sends and receives more text messages than phone calls and it's the fastest growing communication sector for people over 65 yrs. old

  • Most text messages are received by targeted individuals within 90 seconds of being sent

To get started, you will:

Action 2: Postcard Posse Award Night

In the last few months, the rock stars in the Postcard Posse League have handwritten thousands of postcards to voters who share our values and voted in 2016, but did not vote in 2014.

Now it’s time to celebrate every team’s achievement with a postcard stamping and award night featuring food, prizes, trophy presentation, and special guest Rep. Ann Williams.

When: Wednesday, October 24 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Where: Gideon Welles (4500 N Lincoln)

Space will be very limited, so please arrive on time.

Action 3: Donate to Help Native Americans Vote

The Supreme Court delivered a major defeat for Native American voting rights when it allowed the implementation of North Dakota’s Republican-backed voter ID law.

Now, voters in North Dakota are required to present documentation of a residential address instead of just a post office box. This requirement is a naked attempt to suppress Native American voters, since those living on reservations often lack such an address and instead use a post office box, because the postal service doesn’t deliver mail to often remote reservations.

Fortunately, tribal identification must be accepted at the polls. So Daily Kos has teamed up with North Dakota Native Vote—an organization working with local tribes to provide updated identification cards, or address verification documents to tribal citizens.

Please chip in $3 or more today to help North Dakota Native Vote cover the costs of updating tribal IDs and turning out Native American voters this fall.

Action via Daily Kos

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