Tuesday, January 30 - Sign a Witness Slip for Public School Funding / Call on Congress to Protect Refugees / DACA Decision Panel

Actions You Can Take Today

  • Action 1: URGENT - Sign a Witness Slip in Support of Public School Funding (SB2236)

  • Action 2: Call on Congress to Protect Refugees

  • Action 3: Attend the DACA Decision Panel on Saturday


Tools You Can Use


Action 1: URGENT - Sign a Witness Slip in Support of SB2236 to Fund Public Schools

There's an important hearing in Springfield today for SB2236 (Bertino-Tarrant). The bill says that no money for vouchers/tax credits can be doled out unless the state meets their responsibility to increase funding to public schools included in the recent reform bill.

Help hold our state politicians accountable for funding public schools by filling out a witness slip as a PROPONENT of this bill. The hearing is scheduled for THIS AFTERNOON, so don’t delay.

How to Submit a Witness Slip

1. Click here

2. Fill in the Identification portion of the form

3. Under Representation, you can put your neighborhood Indivisible group, a different group, or "Self."

4. Under Position, select "PROPONENT"

4. Under Testimony, select “Record of Appearance Only”

5. Click "Create Slip"


Action 2: Call on Congress to Protect Refugees

This week marks one year since the Trump Administration instated the refugee ban--the first ever in the history of this country. This ban halted the travel to safety of thousands of refugees who had completed the rigorous vetting process, preventing many of them from reuniting with families here in the U.S. Equally destructive have been the subsequent bans resulting in repeated stops and starts to resettlement throughout 2017 and into 2018 amidst ongoing court battles.

Refugee families continue to be left in harm’s way by arbitrary bans and administrative barriers. This runs contrary to American values that prioritize family and providing safety to those fleeing danger and persecution. Congress needs to know that you are still fighting for refugee resettlement.

As we mark the one year anniversary of the first refugee ban, ask your Member of Congress to fight for refugees.  

Call Senator Duckworth | DC:  202-224-2854 | Chicago 312-886-3506
Call Senator Durbin | DC:  202-224-2152 | Chicago 312-353-4952
Find your House rep’s contact info


Script: My name is [name],  and I am calling from [zip code]. A year ago, the Trump Administration issued the first refugee ban, a cruel decision which stalled the refugee resettlement program and prevented desperate parents and children from accessing safety here in the United States--many of whom were seeking to reunite with family already here. I’m calling to ask you to tell the President that you oppose the ongoing refugee ban and any further attempts to keep these families apart. Thank you.


Action 3: Attend the DACA Decision Panel on Saturday

Join Protection for All Movement and Indivisible for a panel discussion led by DACA Recipients on Saturday. We will discuss the impact the political turmoil around the Dream Act has had on our friends, families, and neighbors. An unrealized Dream Act has the potential to tear apart families and see our neighbors deported, so the time is now to take action.

Connect with members of your community and learn what actions you can take to fight for undocumented communities and help push for the passage of the DREAM Act and protection for all.

RSVP to attend the panel discussion - The DACA Decision and our Neighbors: Seeking Protection For All on Saturday, February 3 from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m at Amundson High School (5110 N Damen Ave).



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