Friday, September 29 - Tell Senators to Vote No on Ajit Pai Confirmation / DACA Renewal Expiration October 5 / Pro-Diversity Sign Fundraiser

Actions You Can Take Today

  • Action 1: Tell Senators to Speak Out Against Ajit Pai's Re-Confirmation MONDAY

  • Action 2: Help DACA Recipients Renew by October 5

  • Action 3: Donate to Pro-Diversity Sign Fundraiser

Tools You Can Use

Action 1: Tell Senators to Speak Out Against Ajit Pai's Re-Confirmation to FCC MONDAY

FCC Chairman and former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai remains determined to gut net neutrality. If he succeeds, Internet providers will gain new powers to block sites and apps, charge users more money, or force companies to pay expensive “prioritization” fees just to reach you.

He's not even trying to pretend that he's running a legitimate process. He’s suppressed key evidence, ignored issues like fake comments, and refused to comply with transparency laws that would hold his agency to account. This is corruption, plain and simple.

On Monday, the Senate will hold a crucial vote that will determine whether Pai is reconfirmed as Chairman of the FCC. We need our Senators to fire Pai and save the open web while there’s still time.

Call Illinois Senators today and demand they speak out publically against Pai’s reconfirmation.

Senator Duckworth | DC:  202-224-2854 | Chicago 312-886-3506
Senator Durbin | DC:  202-224-2152 | Chicago 312-353-4952

Script: Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m a constituent from [zip code] and member of Indivisible Chicago. I’m calling to ask the senator to vocally oppose the re-confirmation of Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai as chairman of the FCC. Since president Trump designated him as FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai has worked against Internet privacy rules that stop ISPs from selling the details our online activity, rolled back TV station ownership limits for Sinclair Broadcasting to purchase Tribune here in Illinois, and attacked net neutrality protections that keep the web free from censorship, throttling, and extra fees. Please speak out publicly against this confirmation. Thanks.

Action 2: Help DACA Recipients Renew by October 5

Trump has announced the end of the DACA program. The renewal deadline for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals  program will not be extended beyond Oct. 5. Losing this status can cause, loss of job, deportation, and even homelessness.

Throughout the nation, there are over 154,000 individuals with DACA expiration dates between now and March 5, 2018, and over 10,000 in the Chicagoland area alone. Many do not have the financial ability to cover the $495 cost to pay for the application.  

If you are able to donate any money towards the cost of the expense, please give to the Protection For All Movement, an undocumented-led group of Chicago volunteers organizing to raise funds for the renewal fees of DACA recipients. Please donate here.

If you know anyone who is in need of financial support for DACA renewal, they can apply for funds using this form (deadline is Sunday, October 1!).

Action 3: Donate to Pro-Diversity Sign Fundraiser for Lincoln Square

This week, we had yet another instance of hate-fueled graffiti in Lincoln Square, including the defacing of "Hate Has No Home Here" signs. Well, you know what we say to that? For every sign you deface, we will put up a thousand more.

Lincoln Square Neighbors, in partnership with Indivisible Lincoln Square, have ordered 3000 11x17 window signs and 200 yard signs to distribute throughout the Lincoln Square neighborhood at a rally this Sunday. We will drown out the message of hate with messages of hope.

Please consider donating to cover the cost of the printing. Any money raised beyond the costs incurred will go directly to ordering more signs. 

Daily Actions Editor