Friday, August 4 - Oppose Brian Benczkowski / Call Reps for Recess Town Hall / End Interstate Voter Crosscheck

Actions You Can Take Today

  • Action #1: Call on Senators to Oppose the Nomination of  Brian Benczkowski as the Head of the DOJ Criminal Division

  • Action #2: Call on Your House Rep to Hold a Town Hall During the Summer Recess

  • Action #3:  Email to End Illinois’ Participation in the Interstate Voter Crosscheck Program

Tools You Can Use

Action #1: Call on Senators to Oppose the Nomination of  Brian Benczkowsk

Brian Benczkowski has been nominated to lead the Department of Justice Criminal Division, which is responsible for enforcement of all federal criminal law. His nomination is highly concerning given his history with Alfa Bank, the Russian bank under investigation by the FBI for potential connections to the Trump organization

The Senate will ultimately decide on Benczkowski’s appointment, and Senators needs to hear from their constituents about their opposition to this highly problematic candidate.

Call Senator Duckworth | DC:  202-224-2854 | Chicago 312-886-3506
Call Senator Durbin DC:  202-224-2152 | Chicago 312-353-4952

Script: Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a constituent from [zip code]. I'm calling to express my concern about DOJ Criminal Division nominee Brian Benczkowski, who has a troubling association with Russian bank Alfa Bank. I ask that Senator [Duckworth/Durbin] vote against his nomination. We need someone with a demonstrated history of good judgment and lack of conflicts of interests for this crucial position. Thank you for your hard work answering the phones.

Action #2: Call on Your House Rep to Hold a Town Hall During the Summer Recess

The House of Representatives is scheduled for Congressional Recess from July 29th through September 5th. While we hope to now have a respite in the assault against healthcare, this recess is no time to let our attention waver. President Trump is daily threatening to sabotage the ACA, and Republican lawmakers must still be convinced to work collaboratively across the aisle to build healthcare legislation that works for all Americans. 

Your representatives work for you: you should have regular opportunities to discuss their positions, the platforms of their parties and how their legislative agendas will affect you and those close to you. Town halls are a critical tool for holding representatives accountable for their actions and ensuring that these men and women, who spend much of their time outside of their home states, are hearing the needs and concerns of their constituents in person. If a representative refuses to hold a town hall, request an in-office meeting to discuss your concerns.

Find your rep’s phone number here

Script: Hi, my name is [NAME] and I'm a constituent from Chicago. I'm calling to ask if [Representative] is planning to have any town halls during the August recess?
[IF YES] I’d like to RSVP. May I please have the details?
[IF NO] Then I’d like to request that [Representative] schedule one. There are many pressing matters we constituents should be able to voice our opinion on face to face.
Thank you for all your time and attention.
[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]

Action #3: Email to End Interstate Voter Crosscheck in Illinois

Did you know that every year for the past 7 years,the Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) participated in the Interstate Crosscheck program, which has shared your voter registration information plus the last four digits of your social security number with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach? Kobach has a long history of illegal voter suppression tactics and condoning discriminatory law enforcement practices. Kobach was the primary architect of NSEERS, the original “Muslim registry” created during the Bush Administration. Kobach runs the Interstate Crosscheck program and serves as Vice President of the Presidential Commission on "Election Integrity".

By continuing participation in this program, Illinois is collaborating with Kobach to perpetuate the lie that millions of votes were cast illegally in 2016 and props up a program designed to disenfranchise voters, primarily people of color, in neighboring states. We have a chance to end this program this month.

Take action TODAY by emailing the State Board of Elections. Click the link to read more about the program and find a helpful script for you to email the SBE. If the link doesn't work for you, email and please cc: so that we can print and deliver all letters at the meeting.

Daily Actions Editor