Thursday, August 31 - Defend DACA/End Voter Roll Purging/Plan to Join Labor Day Rally

Actions You Can Take Today

  • Action 1: Tweet at Republican Reps to #DefendDACA

  • Action 2: Call State Rep to Join Efforts Against Crosscheck

  • Action 3: Plan to Attend Labor Day Rally

Tools You Can Use

Action 1: Encourage Republican Reps to #DefendDACA by Tweeting at Them

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program provides opportunity, livelihood, and stability for nearly a million people and their families in the United States. Sources are reporting President Trump may terminate DACA, and 11 states are threatening to sue the federal government if it does not end DACA by September 5th. We are joining a call to enact a Twitter FRENZIE and tweet directly at Members of Congress asking them to Defend DACA.

THIS GOOGLE DOC contains all the information you need to tweet at Republican reps, including Illinois' own Roskam, Davis, Hultgren, Shimkus, Kinzinger, and LaHood.

The clock is ticking. And Trump has threaten to reverse the DACA executive orders that Obama signed in June 2012. The program has strong, bipartisan support that has helped nearly a million immigrants obtain work permits, and strengthened our country. it protects everyday people and revoking it will have dire consequences for many local communities across America. Defeat has the potential to deport over 1,000,000 people who have voluntarily given to the government their personal information.

CLICK HERE to read a survey of DACA recipients release in October 2016 that illustrates the tremendous benefits the program has for both recipients and the nation as a whole.

CLICK HERE to read about a new bipartisan Dream Act sponsored by Senators Durbin and Graham this past July.  

Don't use Twitter, or want to do more? Visit to learn about other actions taking place. 

Action 2: Call Your State Rep to Help End Voter Roll Purges

Indivisible Chicago successfully got the State Board of Elections to delay a response to the Election Integrity Commissions letter indefinitely! Next up is putting an end to Crosscheck. The Board will likely put the issue of Crosscheck on its September meeting agenda. While many of our State Representatives have sent letters or signed on to Indivisible Chicago’s letter to the IL State Board of Elections, there are still many who have not spoken out. IF AND ONLY IF YOUR REPRESENTATIVE IS ON THIS LIST , please call them and ask them to sign on to Representative Guzzardi’s letter urging the State Board of Elections to remove Illinois from the Crosscheck system. (CLICK HERE to find out who your state Representative is.)

Hello, my name is [Name]. My zip code is [Zip Code] and I’m a member of Indivisible Chicago. I’m calling because I am concerned about Illinois participation in the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck system. I understand that the decision is made by the IL State Board of Elections; however, Illinois Representative Will Guzzardi is preparing a letter to the Board urging them to withdraw Illinois from the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program. Crosscheck results are inaccurate and they discriminate against young and non-white voters. The system also has serious cyber security issues that put every Illinois voter at risk of identity theft. Will Representative/Senator [YOUR REP/SEN] sign on to Representative Guzzardi’s letter against this voter suppression tactic before the next Board of Elections meeting on September 18? Thank you for your time.

Visit Indivisible Chicago's Crosscheck page to learn more about Crosscheck and why it’s important to end this discriminatory program. 

Action 3: Plan to Attend Labor Day Event in Support of Workers

Indivisible Chicago and Indivisible Illinois are among dozens of progressive organizations joining with Fight for $15 Chicago for a day of action commemorating Labor Day. We are hoping to show strong support for workers and unions at the 9am rally at the Thompson Center. Please show up with Indivisible gear and prepare for an energetic rally! The Thompson Center rally will conclude with a march to the American Hospital Association building a few blocks away, where some exciting special guest speakers will take the stage. 

Amplify the event on Twitter with the hashtag #WorkersStrikeBack

Visit the Facebook event page to RSVP (not necessary to attend) and find out more. 

Complete schedule of events:
6:30am McDonald's Strike, 1664 S Blue Island
9:00am Thompson Center, 100 W Randolph Ave
10:00am American Hospital Association, 155 N Wacker Drive

From the Facebook event page: 
"This Labor Day, join the largest Labor Day rally in Chicago’s history to stand up for strong unions & living wages & against corporations and politicians that have rigged our economy!

Workers from ALL sectors of our economy and across our communities are striking back– to join rallies, marches, and strikes to demonstrate our power and strength and the need for strong unions.

Fast food workers in over 300 cities, including in Chicago, will be on strike in record numbers. And not just in the U.S. At the same time, McDonald's workers in the U.K. will be striking for the first time ever!

Good union jobs in factories once created stable, secure work that allowed families to thrive. Hospital work and other service work is now the backbone of our economy, but too many Americans who work in these jobs are falling behind, so for the first time ever, non-union hospital workers will be joining us in the streets!

Our entire economy is rigged against working people. Politicians, like Gov. Rauner, and wealthy corporations like McDonald’s & the American Hospital Association continue to push an extreme agenda to: 
-deny our right to form unions
-silence our voices on the job
-suppress our wages
-continue rampant racism

Unions are the solutions for bad jobs & wages. Unions are one of the few ways working people have to keep corporations & politicians accountable. With unions we have power. "

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Josh B. Fox