Wednesday August 23 - Tell Web Hosting Providers To Stop Supporting Hate

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  • Tell Web Hosting Providers To Stop Supporting Hate

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Action: Tell Web Hosting Providers To Stop Supporting Hate Groups

Hate groups make ample use of the internet to spread their hate and recruit members. If web host providers make it more difficult for hate groups to share their message, their recruitment will be more difficult and, potentially, fewer members will be recruited. Most web host providers have terms of service that, if enforced, may mean that all or parts of these websites have to come down.

The Daily Stormer, an infamous hate group, recently made news when it lost its web hosting provider because of an outcry from activists. But there are many other hate groups that the Southern Poverty Law Center has identified that are currently active online. Reach out to their web hosting providers and let them know you think supporting hate violates their terms of service:

Click here for a list of web hosting companies that currently enable hate groups. The list includes email addresses and phone numbers, so you can contact them however you wish.

Suggested Script: My name is __. I recently learned you are the web host for [insert hate group here]. Did you know that [group] has been identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group? I object to private companies providing a platform for these hate groups to spread their message and recruit members. [Add anything else about the terms of service or your own personal use of the web hosting platform]. I hope that you will consider terminating [group's] contract so that they aren't using your services to spread hate.


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