Monday, August 21 - Support Net Neutrality / Pressure Rauner to Sign SB31 / Call State Reps to End Voter Purges

Actions You Can Take Today

  • Action #1: Call Your Reps to Speak Out for Net Neutrality

  • Action #2: Call on Governor Rauner to Follow Through and Sign The IL Trust Act to Protect Immigrants

  • Action #3: Call Your State Rep to Help End Discriminatory Purges from Voter Rolls

Tools You Can Use

Action #1: Call on Your Members of Congress to Speak Out on Net Neutrality

The FCC is still trying to roll back net neutrality. Team Internet is asking people to meet with their MoCs to ask them to speak in favor of current net neutrality rules and put pressure on the FCC to keep them in place, but it also helps to call your MoCs to ask them to speak out publically in favor of net neutrality.

Click here to find contact info for your representatives

Script: Hi My name is [name] from [zip code]. I am calling with Indivisible Chicago to see if [Senator/Congressman] will speak publicly in favor of current net neutrality rules and demand the FCC leaves them in place. We need members of Congress to support the existing protections and to reject any attempts to weaken them either at the FCC or in new legislation.

The FCC also extended the comment period to August 30, so you can continue to post comments in favor of current title II rules.

Action #2:Call on Governor Rauner to Follow Through and Sign SB31 to Protect Immigrants

SB31, the Illinois Trust Act, limits local police interaction with US immigration with numerous protections for immigrants, including safe zones at schools, medical facilities, courts and properties. This bill helps protect undocumented immigrants and their families, and ultimately makes our communities safer by encouraging better cooperation with local police.

Although Governor Rauner recently vowed to sign SB31, he has received a backlash of aggressive calls and messages to VETO the bill. Fox News has been spreading false information about the bill that further mobilized the opposition. August 28 is the last day for the Governor to sign the bill, and we must pressure him to keep his commitment.

Call the Governor today! Springfield 217-782-0244 | Chicago 312-814-2121

Suggested Script: Hello, my name is ____. I am a constituent from [zip code] and a member of Indivisible Chicago. I am calling to ask that Governor Rauner keep his promise to sign the Illinois TRUST Act, SB-31. The Trust Act will protect the families and communities we live and work in and make all of Illinois safer. We’re counting on the Governor to keep his word on this bill.

Action #3: Call Your State Rep to Help End Voter Roll Purges

We have learned that the State Board of Elections has decided not to put the issue of Crosscheck on its August meeting agenda, despite an outcry from the public and demands from our State and U.S. Representatives. While many our State Representatives have sent letters or signed on to Indivisible Chicago’s letter to the IL State Board of Elections, there are still many who have not spoken out. IF AND ONLY IF YOUR REPRESENTATIVE IS ON THIS LIST, please call them and ask them to sign on to Representative Guzzardi’s letter urging the State Board of Elections to remove Illinois from the Crosscheck system and to deny the Election Integrity Commission’s second request for data. Learn more about Crosscheck and why it’s important to end this discriminatory program. 

If your rep’s name is on the list above, use this script when you call: Hi, my name is [name]. I’m a constituent in [zip code] and a member of Indivisible Chicago. I’m calling because I am concerned about the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity’s request for voter registration data and the State’s participation in the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck program. The people running the Commission, such as Kris Kobach, have a history misrepresenting data to justify making it harder for people to vote. I understand that the decision is made by the IL State Board of Elections; however, several Illinois Congress members have released letters to the Board urging them to not release any data to the Commission and asking that they vote to pull Illinois out of the Crosscheck system. Representative Guzzardi is gathering signatures on a similar letter. Will Representative [YOUR REP] sign on to Representative Guzzardi’s letter against these voter suppression tactics by this Friday? This must be submitted prior to the Board's August 22nd meeting. Thank you for your time and attention.

[IF LEAVING A VOICEMAIL: please leave your full street address to ensure your call is tallied]


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