Wednesday, August 2 - Call on Democrats to Stand Tall on Women's Rights / End Interstate Voter Crosscheck

Actions you can take today

  • Action #1: Call on House and Senate Democrats to Support Pro-Choice Candidates

  • Action #2: Email to End Illinois’ Participation in the Interstate Voter Crosscheck Program

Tools you can use

Action #1: Call on Democrats to Stand Tall on Women's Rights

According to a recent report, Democrats will not be withholding financial support for candidates who oppose abortion rights. With women’s reproductive rights under attack across the country, it’s time to show Democrats that we believe women's rights, reproductive rights and human rights should be nonnegotiable. That’s why we’re standing with women’s groups such as Emily’s List and NARAL to call on our elected Democrats to take a stand on this party issue.

Find your rep’s phone number here.

Script: "Hello, I am a constituent living in zip code [zip code #], and I want to express my shock that the Democratic Party would be seeking out anti-choice candidates to run in the primaries. The Democratic platform is clear that we stand for women's rights, bodily autonomy and human rights. We must be concentrating our search for candidates that can win with those values. Please make sure that [Rep name] knows that I feel this not only hurts the party but sends the wrong message to our base about what we stand for."

Action #2: Email to End Interstate Voter Crosscheck in Illinois

Did you know that every year for the past 7 years,the Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) participated in the Interstate Crosscheck program, which has shared your voter registration information plus the last four digits of your social security number with Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach? Kobach has a long history of illegal voter suppression tactics and condoning discriminatory law enforcement practices. Kobach was the primary architect of NSEERS, the original “Muslim registry” created during the Bush Administration. Kobach runs the Interstate Crosscheck program and serves as Vice President of the Presidential Commission on "Election Integrity".

By continuing participation in this program, Illinois is collaborating with Kobach to perpetuate the lie that millions of votes were cast illegally in 2016 and props up a program designed to disenfranchise voters, primarily people of color, in neighboring states. We have a chance to end this program this month.

Take action TODAY by emailing the State Board of Elections. Click the link to read more about the program and find a helpful script for you to email the SBE.

Why Today's Actions Are Important

Action #1: We understand that the left has differing opinions on this issue, but we feel it is vital for groups like ours to hold the Democratic party accountable to uphold progressive values and not sacrifice the rights of women for short-term political gain. We feel this Twitter thread by Anna Maltese sums the stakes up nicely: 

REPRODUCTIVE. ISSUES. ARE. ECONOMIC. ISSUES. Women are the backbone of the Democratic Party. We make up 51% of the total US population and 54% of the total electorate. 54% of us are D. We don’t just wink out of existence because we’re suddenly deemed expendable by the minority of white men in our Party. To put it in terms party officials should understand: The more we’re forced to bear, the less $ and time we have to support a Party.
— Anna Maltese

Action #2: A statistical analysis of the Crosscheck program published early this year by researchers at Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Penn, and Microsoft found that the criteria Crosscheck used to find matches creates millions of false positives. Not only is it unreliable but it has been used by the State Board of Elections in Virginia and in Ada County Idaho to PURGE legal voters from the voting rolls!

Daily Actions Editor