Tuesday, August 1 - End the Interstate Voter Crosscheck Program

Today's Action: Help us End the Interstate Voter Crosscheck Program

What is Crosscheck?

Since 2005, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has managed the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck system and grew the membership of the program from three states to twenty-eight states, including Illinois!  Each year since 2010, approximately 8.6 million Illinois voter registration records have been submitted to the Arkansas and Kansas Secretaries of State, including names, birth dates, and partial social security numbers. That’s right...Kobach has the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. The most recent submission was March 2017.

Why do we need Illinois to opt out?

A statistical analysis of the program published early this year by researchers at Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Penn, and Microsoft found that the criteria Crosscheck used to find matches creates millions of false positives:

“Out of the 240,000 paired registrations that Crosscheck sent to Iowa, there were only six cases where it appeared that the same person registered and voted in two different states.  In other words, OVER 99 percent of the matches sent to Iowa were unlikely to have anything to do with attempted voter fraud.

When the State of Oregon left the program, its Secretary of State stated that “the data provided by the program was simply unreliable. Not only is it unreliable but it has been used by the State Board of Elections in Virginia and in Ada County Idaho to PURGE legal voters from the voting rolls!

What can you do?

Demand the Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) terminate its voluntary partnership with Crosscheck immediately. Indivisible Chicago has issued a letter to the SBE co-signed by seven members of the state legislature and four other resistance groups demanding that the board vote to discontinue its participation in Crosscheck at the next board meeting in Chicago on August 22nd. To increase public pressure on the board, we need you to help us flood their office with written complaints. Please do not call the SBE, as this will actually work against us.

Click here to email the SBE from your own email, copy the email script below, add your name and address in the space at the bottom and send. Even better, edit it with your own words, as personal emails gain more attention than repeat for emails. Each email will be printed and presented to the board in support of our demand to terminate Crosscheck in Illinois. The email link will CC Indivisible Chicago so that we receive a copy to ensure the SBE produces all of the emails they have received. 

Email Script (Copy/Paste/Edit)

My name is ________________________, and I am an Illinois resident. I am writing you today because it is my understanding that the Illinois State Board of Elections (SBE) has been voluntarily participating in the Interstate Crosscheck system, managed by Secretary Kris Kobach since 2010. I urge the board to discontinue its participation in Crosscheck immediately.

I am deeply concerned to learn that over 8 million voter registration records, including the last 4 digits of my social security number, have been transmitted to Kris Kobach and potentially any number of other participating states over the past 7 years. The SBE has followed poor data security practices in transmitting and sharing personally identifiable information, exposing residents to an increased risk of identity theft.

Kobach has lost four voter suppression lawsuits filed by the ACLU, he faces current litigation, and he perpetuates President Trump’s false claim that millions of votes were illegally cast in the 2016 Presidential Election. Illinois’ participation in a program led by someone with such a track record of voter suppression efforts raises questions in my mind about the SBE’s judgment.

I’m pleased to learn that Illinois has begun participation in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), which provides a more secure and more accurate system to maintain voter rolls while requiring participating states to contact unregistered residents to encourage voter registration. The SBE has an opportunity today to position Illinois as a leader in the national transition to ERIC. By withdrawing from Crosscheck, the SBE sends a strong statement to Illinoisans and the nation that Illinois takes its residents' data privacy concerns seriously and will no longer legitimize a program tainted by voter suppression accusations.

In closing, I again ask the SBE to vote to discontinue its partnership with Interstate Crosscheck at the board’s August 22nd meeting.


Daily Actions Editor