Friday, July 21st - Phone bank to Save ACA + Take to Twitter to Save Mueller

Actions you can take today

  1. Phone bank to Save ACA (again!)  We will be calling friendly Democrats in Ohio and asking them to call Sen Rob Portman. This was hugely successful and fun last time and we expect more of the same!
  2. Send a tweet using the hashtag, #MakeMuellerNotFireableByTrump and help it become a trending topic! (#FireproofMueller is another hashtag gathering steam) 

Tools you can use

1. Phone Banking - click here for details about phone banking sessions. More are being added all the time, so check back frequently!

2. Phone Banking - you can phone bank from home by filling out this form.

Why Today's Action is Important

Phone Banking

We all did a cautious, quiet celebration when BCRA ("Trumpcare") was declared dead, but of course it was never dead. Just like a horror movie, the monster is slowly rising from the shadows behind you as you watch, wracked with nerves and adrenaline.

They have a new CBO score out (22 million will lose their insurance) and plan on voting as early as Tuesday. They are counting on the moderates to fold.

We will be calling Senator Rob Portman, one of the Senators on the bubble that needs to be pushed to remain a no. Last time we made over 2000 calls and got over 400 Ohio residents to commit to call their Senator. It's a fantastic way to have a huge impact on a red state Senator.

(or, #FireproofMueller) 

This action contributed by Julia Kline, of Indivisible Gold Coast

In the interview President Trump gave to the New York Times on Wednesday, he seemed to raise the possibility that he might be thinking about firing Robert Mueller, the independent investigator tasked with investigating the Trump-Russia scandal. Specifically, Trump said that if Mueller started to investigate his personal finances or that of his family, rather than matters specifically related to Russia, that would be "a red line." 

Many are speculating that the reason these thoughts are on Trump's mind is that in a separate story the Times also ran on Wednesday, Mueller already is investigating Trump's personal finances - and doing so because they are very much connected with the Russia scandal. Deutsche Bank was quoted by the Times as saying that they anticipate having to turn over all kinds of records to Mueller regarding Trump's various financial dealings with the bank, which has already been fined more than TEN BILLION DOLLARS by the DOJ for money laundering and other financial crimes. 

While Congressmen on both sides of the aisle expressed alarm at the idea that Trump could try to fire Mueller, they also acknowledged that there's very little they can do about it preemptively. Acknowledging this fact, Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE) in a story run by the Daily Beast, humorously suggested that a robust social-media campaign might do the trick.  

A social media campaign, you say? Hmmmmm....... 

And #MakeMuellerNotFireableByTrump was born. 

Recognizing that it's an almost insufferably long hashtag, the Twitterati have now suggested using #FireproofMueller instead. 

So whichever hashtag you choose, just make sure you let our Twitterer in Chief know what you think about him firing the independent counsel. 

Jason Rieger