Friday, July 14th - Phone bank to Save ACA and Tell Governor Rauner to oppose Medicaid cuts

Actions you can take today

  • Action #1: Phone bank to Save ACA

  • Action #2: Call the Governor and demand he speak out for Medicaid and ACA

Tools you can use

Action #1: Phone bank to Save ACA

We are once again going to phone bank to call Ohio voters and ask them to call Senator Rob Portman. We currently have one event here, but keep checking the link as we will be adding more. Phone banking will be Tuesday at 5:30pm.

Action #2: Call the Governor and demand he speak out for Medicaid and ACA

Chicago office: 312-814-2121

Script: Hi, my name is ____________ and I am a registered voter in Illinois. I'm calling to ask Governor Rauner to publicly oppose the proposed cuts to medicaid. 2.9 million Illinois residents depend on medicaid, especially seniors, babies, veterans and the disabled. These cuts are immoral and I'm asking the governor to speak out against them.

Why Today's Action is Important

Action #1: Phone bank to Save ACA

Senator Portman has come out as a provisional no, saying he hasn't changed his position but he has left himself wiggle room. He claims he is waiting to see the new CBO score. He isn't to be trust to stay a no, so we need to call his constituents and ask them to apply pressure.

The last time we did these calling actions, we ended up making over 3000 calls, getting hundreds of constituents to agree to call Portman. That's a lot of calls. We are going to see if we can break that record and put even more pressure on Portman to stay resolute and not give in to McConnell.

Jason Rieger