Friday, June 9th - Support Signs for Sellouts and Counter-protest an anti-Muslim protest

Your Actions:

  • ACTION #1: Support and Share Signs 4 Sellouts 

  • ACTION#2: Sign up to attend counter-protest to anti-Muslim protest

Tools to use: 


Donate to support Signs 4 Sellouts and share the Facebook event with all your friends. Today is the deadline for donations, so get you donations in and share with all your friends!


Sign up to attend the counter-protest and share with all your friends

Why Today's Actions are Important

Action #1: Signs for Sellouts

With the Senate fast tracking the healthcare bill, the best thing that can be done to prevent vote for the Senate healthcare bill is to put pressure on those that voted for AHCA. That's what Signs for Sellouts will do.

When Illinois Reps. Peter Roskam, Rodney Davis, Randy Hultgren, and Adam Kinzinger voted for the AHCA, they attacked the very Illinoisans they swore to protect.

We are here to let them know that Illinois will never forget this vote. Our voices will be heard whether they hold town halls or not, and we will remember in 2018.

This billboard campaign will a) place at least one static billboard in each of their districts and b) rent at least one mobile billboard that we will park in front of their district offices and bring to at least one rally in each district. If we make or beat our goal, we will expand this campaign to Rep. Bost, Rep. Lahood, and Rep. Shimkus.

Help us send a clear message to our Congressmen. They betrayed us by supporting Trumpcare, and Illinoisans won't forget it. Stand with us by contributing to this campaign or by joining your Indivisible group at

Help us meet our goal! Donate and Share on Facebook.

Action #3: Counter-protest to anti-Muslim protest

IMPORTANT: Our coalition of counter protesters will meet at 9:30 AM Saturday June 10th at the Heald Sq. Monument located on the Northwest Corner of Wacker Dr. and Wabash.  The opposing group will be gathering on the Northeast Corner, closer to Trump Tower. 

We are supporting the Counter-protest to the “March Against Sharia”. This counter-protest has been organized by the Chicago International Socialist Organization in coordination with People United Against Oppression and the Answer Coalition.

The “March Against Sharia” is being sponsored by Act for America, an organization that the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies as the largest anti-Muslim hate group in the U.S.

The focus on Sharia Law is a dog whistle for the anti-Muslim movement.   

It is hoped that a counter protest will send a strong message of support to our Muslim brothers and sisters. 

Indivisible Chicago believes in non-violent protest. 

Jason Rieger