Tuesday, June 6th - Support our Refugee community and Signs for Sellouts

Action #1: Support the refugee community with Windy City Friend of Refugees and check out a great documentary at the same time.

Two quick ways to do that:

Action #2: Support the efforts to take down Peter Roskam and his six fellow Illinois sellouts with Signs 4 Sellouts

More on today's Daily Actions

Support our Refugee Community

A fellow Indivisible member and co-founder of The Windy City Friends of Refugees is co-sponsoring a refugee family with Refugee One.  They are having a fundraiser at the David Theatre and funds raised from this event will help a refugee family resettle in Chicago this fall. Buy tickets here; the link includes a discount code for platinum tickets.

While you're at it, like their Facebook page and get updates on other ways you can help support our refugee neighbors.

Trump's Reaction to the Refugees

Boy oh boy, did our President have himself a day on the Twitter machine. He just really, really wants to ban the refugees. The same refugees that are fleeing terror, just looking for a place to escape horrific violence. The same refugees that actually cause crime to go down when they enter a community. The same refugees that are literally, not figuratively, welcomed on the Statue of Liberty.

So it seems appropriate that we take this day to do what we can to help reverse the hate.

Support Signs for Sellouts

When Illinois Reps. Peter RoskamRep. Rodney DavisCongressman Randy Hultgren, and Rep. Adam Kinzinger voted for the AHCA, they attacked the very Illinoisans they swore to protect. 

We are here to let them know that Illinois will never forget this vote. Our voices will be heard whether they hold town halls or not, and we will remember when we vote in 2018. 

This billboard campaign will a) place at least one static billboard in each of their districts and b) rent at least one mobile billboard that we will park in front of their district offices and bring to at least one rally in each district. We will also organize events and have a major PR campaign so that we generate as much press as possible.

Jason Rieger