Friday, June 15th - Join Rally at Republican Fundraiser and Indivisible Rapid Response Team

Actions you can take today

  • ACTION #1: Sign up for RALLY - Tell the GOP: Do Your Jobs, Save Healthcare

  • ACTION #2: Join Indivisible Chicago Rapid Response Team

  • ACTION #3: Keep calling the Senate to save ACA

Tools you can use

Action #1: RALLY - Tell the GOP: Do Your Jobs, Save Healthcare
Rosemont, Higgins & River Road
5:00pm - 5:45pm, Monday June 19

RSVP: The Facebook link is here. If you can make it please reply to this email to let me know, along with whether you'll plan to use the blue line shuttle (more details below) and RSVP on the link (if you're on Facebook).

****We are working on providing buses to make getting out there easier. If you would be interested in shuttles from the CTA to the rally point, please reply to this email or email if you are reading this online.***

ACTION#2: Sign up to Join our Rapid Response Team to get text alerts for emergency actions

ACTION #3: See scripts and numbers in Wednesday's action

Why Today's Actions Are Important

ACTION#1: Sign up for RALLY - Tell the GOP: Do Your Jobs, Save Healthcare

All, we would love to have a strong Indivisible Chicago showing at this SEIU Healthcare rally. See why below. The time/location may be tough for many, but we're trying to do some things to make it easier for people to get there.

  • We'll run a bus from the Rosemont blue line stop to the rally point (departs ~4:40pm) [We are waiting for final confirmation on this, but for purposes of RSVP assume it'll happen. If there are any issues we will definitely let you know].
  • We've reserved space at a nearby pub to grab a beverage w/ your fellow resisters following the rally to unwind and get to know each other (ok, this doesn't make getting there easier, but hopefully more desirable). Drinks will be on your dime, but it'll be easier on your pocketbook than Rauner's $10,000/plate dinner. The rally itself shouldn't go longer than 45 minutes.

Few of us want to rally or protest just for protest's sake. We always want to be strategic about our calls to action, as this is often inconvenient and we don't want to burn anyone out. We think this is an important event, because:

  • This is a very rare chance to voice our opposition to the AHCA directly to the 7 Illinois Representatives who voted for it without reading it.
  • This is a rare opportunity to also voice our opposition to Rauner and his donors. Rauner has been largely silent on healthcare while cutting state-wide services.
  • Perhaps most importantly, the more visible our continued opposition to the Representatives is, the more Senators may get cold feet about making the same mistake.
  • We'd like to demonstrate to our SEIU allies that Indivisible shows up and that we can count on mutual support at future events.

All-in-all this is a unique opportunity that we don't want to let slip by. I'll send a follow-up email Sunday or Monday as a reminder and in case any details change.
If there's any way you can make this, we'd really, really appreciate your support! 

ACTION #2: Join Indivisible Chicago Rapid Response Team

Can you swing into action at the last minute - emergency rallies and other last minute calls to action? If so, give us your cell and we'll let you know when something big happens that needs your help.

We need the ability to mobilize our members and show strong turnout at rallies and protests. We are anticipating a future protest if the Senate Healthcare bill passes, but we won't know when. The ability to send a text to you and alert you of an emergency rally will let us quickly rally our members.

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Jason Rieger