Monday, June 12th - Call Senators Durbin and Duckworth about ACA repeal; Support signs for Sellouts

Your Action for Today:

  • ACTION #1: Call Senators Durbin and Duckworth about ACA repeal

  • ACTION #2: Support and Share Signs 4 Sellouts (final day!)

Tools you can use


Script: Hi, my name is ______________ and I am a constituent of Senator _________. I understand the Senator opposes the Senate healthcare bill, correct? I'm asking that the Senator speaks out on the Senate floor and in the media against this bill. It's unacceptable that this bill is being forced through the Senate behind closed doors.


Donate to support Signs 4 Sellouts and share the Facebook event with all your friends. The deadline has been extended one more day, so get you donations in and share with all your friends!

Why Today's Actions are Important

Note: There will be a national call-in day for the Senate on Wednesday, plus another one action that day that will be coordinated across the state. Save the date on Wednesday, June 14th as the day you make the time to make a call.

ACTION#1: Call your Senators about ACA repeal

Overview on ACA Repeal from Indivisible National

Because of the work of Indivisible groups across the country, it took the House five months to pass TrumpCare—something that every political insider thought would only take a couple of days. Now, the Senate is working behind closed doors to decide the future of healthcare. Given what's at stake, this is an unconscionable process, but it's the process Senate Republicans have chosen—this is the ground we're forced to fight on.

The Senate is everything now. Let’s be clear, if TrumpCare gets through the Senate, it will probably become law. The highest hurdle for Republicans was always the Senate, which means that if they manage to jam it through, there’ll be nothing left to stop it from getting to Trump’s desk. That’s why your focus needs to remain on your Senators. We know you’re tired. We know you’re frustrated. But this is it. And, it will depend on you and your groups.

We can kill TrumpCare in June. The timeline is tight. We’re expecting a vote in the last week of June. But the closed-door discussions are happening right now. To be clear, NOBODY knows which way this will go. By applying pressure now, we have a real opportunity to influence the outcome. The key is, we can't just wait until the vote—we need to influence the discussions happening before the vote. That’s what this toolkit is about.

The campaign plan this month. We don’t know exactly when the Senate version of TrumpCare will see the light of day, so this action plan provides an overview of three different tactics to be used over the course of June. Rather than isolated events, these are meant to be looked at as a short campaign plan. Taken together, these actions send a crystal clear message to Senators on the fence: stand with us, stand for our health care, or find another job.

Remember, we’re five months into this Congress, and they have yet to enact a single significant piece of legislation. That's because of YOUR advocacy on your home turf. Implement this strategy, fight this campaign, keep standing indivisible, and we will keep winning.

ACTION #2: Support Signs for Sellouts

With the Senate fast tracking the healthcare bill, the best thing that can be done to prevent vote for the Senate healthcare bill is to put pressure on those that voted for AHCA. That's what Signs for Sellouts will do.

When Illinois Reps. Peter Roskam, Rodney Davis, Randy Hultgren, and Adam Kinzinger voted for the AHCA, they attacked the very Illinoisans they swore to protect.

We are here to let them know that Illinois will never forget this vote. Our voices will be heard whether they hold town halls or not, and we will remember in 2018.

This billboard campaign will a) place at least one static billboard in each of their districts and b) rent at least one mobile billboard that we will park in front of their district offices and bring to at least one rally in each district. If we make or beat our goal, we will expand this campaign to Rep. Bost, Rep. Lahood, and Rep. Shimkus.

Help us send a clear message to our Congressmen. They betrayed us by supporting Trumpcare, and Illinoisans won't forget it. Stand with us by contributing to this campaign or by joining your Indivisible group at

Help us meet our goal! Donate and Share on Facebook.

Jason Rieger