Monday, May 8th - Congress work week begins

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Revenge for AHCA vote

Last week was tough. We fought hard to stop AHCA from passing, but in the end, pass it did. That being said, there's an incredibly long road ahead for the Republicans and this bill. The Senate plans to take its time writing a completely new bill (complete with CBO score) which they then have to pass, then the two bills have to be reconciled before it goes back to the house, and then back to the Senate. The Senate has it's own challenges is it has to balance the extreme right wing members like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul with the more moderate members like Susan Collins and vulnerable Senators like Jeff Flake. The Senate needs 50 votes (plus Mike Pence) so they can't take more than two no votes. But the pressure is immense to pass this, so something will probably happen. 

That being said, to ensure the Senate Democrats don't capitulate on the bill and the help put the fear of God into the Republicans, we need to continue the efforts to create political consequences for those Republicans who voted yes,

Die-in at Peter Roskam's office

Roskam voted to deny 39,600 of his constituents health insurance. Roskam voted for an annual 536 million dollar shortfall for the state of Illinois. He voted to gut protections for preexisting conditions. He voted on a piece of legislation that he had not read, without knowing how much it will cost. 

Roskam sold his constituents for big insurance campaign donations, just so he can pass a billion dollar tax cut for the super rich. 

This. Won't. Stand.

We're taking the fight for better healthcare and representative government right to his door-step by staging a die-in at his Barrington office. 

Saturday, May 13th. 11am-12pm

200 S Hough St, Barrington, IL 60010

See Facebook event here

Donate to fund Peter Roskam's challenger

Swing Left has set up a fund specifically for Peter Roskam. Roskam is running in a district that Hillary won by 7% and has set himself up for failure with his terrible yes vote. We can help push him out by donating to Swing Left as they have set up a fund where the money will go to whoever wins the primary and runs against him. Then tweet at us and we will re-tweet you, demonstrating the cost (literally) of his vote. You can also sign up here to help defeat Roskam with more than your wallet

After the AHCA vote, Swing Left raised over 1 million dollars to help unseat members of Congress in swing districts that voted yes and that was in part due to our members. You can donate here and this fund will go specifically to help unseat Roskam. Tag @IndivisibleChi in the tweet and we will retweet you, amplifying your voice. Example:

Hey, @PeterRoskam, you voted my healthcare out? I donated to @swingleft to vote you out. @IndivisibleChi

We had dozens on Friday, but I think we can get up to 100 retweeted donations for the week. Nobody is asking for anyone to break the bank, $5 is plenty. It will all add up. 

Attend the March for Truth

Since the AHCA has passed, the campaign of lies has begun. "You can't be denied coverage if you have a pre-existing coverage." Sure, a cancer survivor can happily go bankrupt attempting to pay their premium. "Everyone has access to healthcare." Yep, and I have access to a yacht, but that doesn't mean I can afford it.

And throughout all this, the Russia issue still looms. Somehow the Trump administration is able to continue to push legislation that harms Americans despite being under investigation for collusion with Russians. Well, we need a real investigation by an independent investigator.

Indivisible Chicago is organizing the March for Truth, a call to end the lies and gain some transparency. Commit to attend the March for Truth on June 3rd and share with all your friends. We want a huge turnout and we need you to help spread the word. The Facebook event is here. Say you are going or interested and then share to your timeline.

The March for Truth

Saturday, June 3rd, 10am-1pm

location TBD

If you would like to volunteer to help with this event, we need you! Contact to find out how you can help!

Jason Rieger