Friday, May 5th - Blowback time for AHCA vote

Blowback time for AHCA vote

So the AHCA passed in the House, putting healthcare at risk for 24 million people and putting pre-existing conditions back on the table. Now it will go to the Senate where it will be modified and possibly passed, before going back to the House to approve the modified bill and then back to the Senate one more time.  So there's a lot to go before it gets near the President's desk.

The instinct might be to pivot to the Senate, but let's not do that. We need push back hard against the Republicans in the House, demonstrating to the Senate the price of a "yes" vote. Here are some of the ways we can start doing this now, and more plans are evolving. 

Hit them in the wallet is a group started to flip Republican districts in swing districts. Our closest swing district is Roskam and you can sign up to work to defeat him here. But beyond that, Swing left has set up a fund to raise money for the eventual challengers of these swing-district Republicans once they emerge from the primaries. It's a new model, where there will be money just sitting there for the winner of the Democratic primary. Donate here to this fund and help oppose the yes votes in swing districts that helped pass this bill, and then tweet at Roskam or whichever rep you like and let them know. Tag @IndivisibleChi in the tweet and we will retweet you, amplifying your voice. Example:

Hey, @PeterRoskam, you voted my healthcare out? I donated to @swingleft to vote you out. @IndivisibleChi

or something more clever. Since the vote, they have raise over $700k just through this initiative!

Attend a Die-in

On May 11th, there will be Die-in's across the country, a theatrical response to demonstrate the lives that will be lost if this bill passes. Currently there is one scheduled in McHenry, IL for the 14th district, but there will be more to follow. Other events are in the works as well, including one in the 6th district (Roskam), so stay tuned.

Spread the message on social media

Tweet at the Illinois Republicans and let them know that they just took a vote to negatively impact all their constituents. You can use the images below to share on social media.






Jason Rieger