Thursday, May 25th - Marshals needed for March for Truth

Hey all - 

I'm pretty sick today and didn't think to get someone to cover for me. Before I go back to bed, I wanted to put out one plea for Marshals. We have about 15 marshals for the March right now and we'd rather have 50. You will be trained and then you'll be able to marshal at future marches. It'll be fun. You get to wear an orange vest and everything.

Email and tell Alex you want to volunteer to be a Marshal.

And please donate to the march if you haven't yet.

Thank your Members of Congress for speaking against AHCA

If you are in Chicago, your members of Congress have been fighting hard against AHCA. The new CBO score is out and we want the pressure to stay on. Give them a call and thank them for their hard work. We don't thank them enough and it will help keep them going if they know we appreciate them.

Alright, I'm going back to bed,


Jason Rieger